Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Makeup Session @ Kanebo Counter, Parkson, Pavilion KL

Even though it’s summer whole year round in Malaysia, we Malaysians enjoy the 4 seasons through fashion and make up. For this spring 2014 and also in conjunction with LUNASOL 15th anniversary celebration, it’s my privilege to be invited for a makeup session at Kanebo Counter in Pavilion Parkson. Many thanks to Kanebo and SocialGrooves for the opportunity!

Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Look

I was given a natural and refreshing look using Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Collection. It was a quick and easy make up do which I learned from Cendi, Kanebo’s beauty consultant and since then, I’ve been keeping this look to work daily.

Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Collection

Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Collection offers nude, gold and natural shades for the eye makeup, rosy cheeks and lips. Inspired to embrace natural and  fresh look. Simple yet delicate 🙂

When I visited Kanebo Counter in Pavilion Parkson, I had foundation and loose powder on my face. Cendi cleaned my face and applied Kanebo skin care before proceeding to apply the make up base.

Left to right: LUNASOL Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation, Control Base, Skin Contrast Face Powder, Concelear

Cendi used LUNASOL control base, foundation, concealer and face powder as my makeup base. A lot different from my usual makeup routine (which is just BB cream and loose powder). I learned that using the right products and proper method of application makes a big difference. It brightens my face and covers my skin imperfections and even up my skin tone. Usually can’t get such coverage with my usual routine. And, I never heed to concealers until this day. The concealer made wonders to my whole look. The concealers cover up my eyebags and dark circles.

More details on each products (based on picture above’s arrangement):

A liquid foundation that has approximately 55% water composition that becomes integrated with the skin, creating a moist texture and making the skin look even more beautiful. A new technology has been adopted to achieve excellent adhesion to the skin while maintaining outstanding spreadability and a light feel. Takes light into the skin to illuminate it brightly from within, and leaves the skin crystal clear, radiant and full of depth.

A makeup base with a light, moist texture that controls uneven skin surfaces and dullness. Smoothes areas of concern, such as visible pores, and leaves the skin silky smooth. Contains beauty essence ingredients.

A face powder that contains micro-particle powder that meltingly blends with the skin, leaving it crystal clear and elegant looking. For a velvety smooth texture, as if a translucent veil lies over the skin.

A pressed powder for finishing makeup, which also is handy for retouching makeup. Micro-particle powder lightly blends with the skin, leaving a fine texture with no hint of caking.

A liquid type under-eye concealer fits easily with watery texture and provides natural coverage on dark circles and dullness. Light diffusing effect creates lustrous and natural finish. Contains beauty essence ingredients for moisturized skin under the eyes which is prone to dry.

Once the makeup base is done, Cendi works her hands on my eyes using LUNASOL Sand Natural Eyes, Shiny Pencil Eyeliner and High Stylized Mascara.

A four-color eye shadow set that consists of beautiful monotone colors, as if cut from the scenery of sand. All colors blend with the skin easily, and the overlaying exquisitely accentuates the natural contours of the eyelids for a dramatic look. There are are 4 types (#01 Neutral Sand, #02 Clear Sand, #03 Warm Sand and #04 Cool Sand). Cendi chose #01 Neutral Sand for a natural yet delicate look. She started off by applying a lighter shade over my eyelid and then blend in the rest……………………The following picture illustrates better on eye shadow application:

A pearly eyeliner pencil that naturally blends with the skin while defining the eyes. Offers brown variations with superb nuances. There are 3 colors (#01 Grayish Brown, #02 Copper Brown and #03 Gold Brown). Cendi used Copper Brown to define my eyes.

This is a new separating and volumizing mascara for an excellent shape for dignified, dramatic-looking eyes. The mascara can easily be removed with warm water.

For the lips, Cendi outlined my lips using LUNASOL Lip Shadown Liner N and applied Full Glamour Lipstick for that supple, soft and kissable lips XD

A cartridge-type lip liner that draws beautiful lip lines with a smooth touch. Naturally melts onto the lips, leaving lip lines last for a long time—looking as fresh as when first drawn. Helps achieve perfect lip makeup. There are 4 colors (#01 Natural, #02 Beige Pink, #03 Beige Coral and #04 Red Beige). On my lips was #02 Beige Pink.

A new lipstick that comfortably adheres to the lips with a meltingly smooth texture and brings out the beauty of the skin with a fresh color and luster. Creates appealing lips while maintaining moisture. On my lips was #24 Soft Beige Pink.

And blusher for the finale. LUNASOL Sand Natural Cheeks creates 3D effect and beautifully enhance your natural skin at the same time.

A limited-edition cheek color that looks as if the ever-changing scenery of sand has been captured inside it. Blending three colors creates a subtle radiance and healthy look and also blends well with the skin tone to create a natural, healthy-looking complexion that makes the entire face look beautiful. There are 2 colors to choose from (EX01 Natural Pink and EX02 Natural Orange). Cendi applied EX01 Natural Pink on my cheeks. Very easy to apply.

Tadaa.. The finished look is natural with a luminescent complexion and very looks fresh! I love it. It’s not too heavy to wear daily and very quick and easy to do. From Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Makeup, I learned that LUNASOL products not only beautify our skin but also promises to purify not only the outside, but also the spirit within. Each products, say for example the makeup base, not only work to smoothen our skin but also contains beauty essence ingredients.

Apart from Kanebo LUNASOL 2014 Spring Collection, I was also introduced to LUNASOL 15th Anniversary new products:

This innovative “Nude Base” was born out of LUNASOL’s famous eye shadow “SKIN MODELING EYES Beige Beige” that makes the skin look beautiful. Its succulent light texture instantly beautifies your skin while conditioning the skin tone and texture to achieve incomparable beige skin. There’s only 1 color (01 Beige) available and it contains SPF30・PA++

A five-color eye shadow set decorated with the sparkling 15th Anniversary logo on the center. Layer elegant sparkles and a dewy luster that makes the skin look beautiful to create eyes with clarity and three-dimensionality. There are 2 limited edition to choose from EX01 Cool Beige Collection and EX02 Warm Coral Collection.

Picture with Kanebo Lunasol’s very own beauty consultant, Ms. Cendi

So, what do you think of my new natural new look?

For more information on Kaneebo LUNASOL products, visit Kanebo Malaysia Facebook Page or better yet, drop by to your nearest Kanebo counter and get free consultation from their beauty consultants!

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