Jaya Grocer @ The Intermark, KL

Jaya Grocer has now embarked into the Central Business District with their 7th outlet in The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak. Unlike the rest of their 6 other grocers in Klang Valley, this outlet is set to be the largest at 30,000 square feet and is one of its kind and distinctly different from the rest. As it is located in The Intermark where offices, upmarket retail shops and the Double Tree by Hilton, you’ll find its decor and layout reflecting the same contemporary style at the same time putting in mind of consumers’ comfort and needs.

The outlet offers a huge selection of premium imported foodstuff, from organic product to dining options. If you enjoy grocerry shopping, you would find this a shopping haven. There’s spacious walkways which is large enough for several customers to push their trolleys without having to bump into each other like bumber cars. Or get blocked by other trolleys that gets in the way.

You will find all kinds of fresh produce in Jaya Grocer, local and imported. It is like shopping in Pasar Pagi (morning wet market) minus the wet and slippery floor, plus air conditioned.

Spotted Alien Cauliflower

They have really premium fresh produce here, especially the fresh fruits from Japan. A whole melon would cost up to or maybe more than RM150 each! When I first saw it, I was already calculating the price for a slice of it. Added this into my birthday wishlist already. So, you know what to get me 😀

Also, not to be missed is the Baker’s Son as the aroma of breads baked freshly greeted our nose.

From the fish monger section, you will find the catch of the day. They have all kinds of seafood (depending on the daily catch), scales to shells, fresh to frozen.

Not always I hangout at the seafood section because I don’t quite know how to cook fish. Heh.. But, I picked my fresh salmon from the chiller and dropped it in the trolley. I’m not going to cook it, someone else will cook it for me, for FREE.

Pick your choice of fish or meat and get it cooked for you for FREE!

The beauty here in Jaya Grocer is that you get to pick your choice of meats and they cook it for you, for FREE. All you need to do is just grab your choice of meat and pay it at the counter before heading to the Fresco where your meal will be prepared. A minimum of ONE sidedish (from RM6.80) is required to enjoy the service. Since, I’m getting someone to cook for me, I went to the next section which is the butcher section for some meat to add onto my plate.

They have all kinds of meat, fresh and frozen, some even marinated and ready to cook. What amazed me is that, they have a WIDE selection of red meat! From Australian grain fed beef to Wagyu Beef!

Selected a piece of Wagyu Beef that is closest to 200g because that’s the standard weight for a piece found in most restaurants. Just to compare. Heh..

Jaya Grocer has a section specially for imported cheese and gourmet products. Here, we get to sample some of the products before deciding which one to buy.

There are so many types of cheese found here and some of which I’ve never heard before, let alone to taste it. Glad to sample some of them. They are very generous with the samplings. 😀

There are all kinds of unique and new things found here. From old aged vinegar (the older it gets, the thicker it is and the nicer it taste!), premium olive oil, canned fish (from sardine to mackeral), and all kinds of ingredients to make cooking even more convenient. Plus, they make real great housewarming gifts!

Spent most of our shopping time at the Gourmet section because there are so many foodstuffs that are strangers to us! We sampled some products and shamelessly asked for more. Just so delicious.

 Particularly this Tea Smoked Duck Breast meat which was perfectly done and paired with a drop of aged vinegar (15 years old if I’m not mistaken). It was so delicious! Glistening golden brown skin, succulent, tender and pink flesh. Oh my gawd!

It was so good, we bought a packet of it since it was easy to prepare. The attendant who manned the stall was very friendly and taught us the method to prepare the duck. Just thaw the duck to room temperature, either oven bake or pan sear.

Jaya Grocer is your one stop to shop for your provisions. You can almost get everything you need to get by the days/weeks/months.

Weekly supplies, some monthly.

Spotted the Japanese Curry mix which I previously shared the recipe here. Selling at RM12.90 a pack. Was tempted to buy this again because it was good but decided to buy another type to try. There were just too many choices.

Spotted Horlicks. All time childhood favourite drink.

Coffee. There are just so many to choose from.

Just got to know that you can only find these selections of yogurt in Jaya Grocer.

I can hangout in this grocer for hours just by going through all the brands they brought in here. Then, I saw this:


 Ok, I’m sold. Can I camp in here tonight?

Vom Fass is a section in Jaya Grocer that offers different types of oils, fruit vinegars and alcohol (from spirits to whiskey!). I believe this concept is the first of its kind in Malaysia. There are variety of bottle designs and shapes to store and they make great gifts.

Vom Fass sampler set 

Customers get to sample a drop of liquid sold here and they come with complimentary bottle (ordinary design) from 200ml** onwards.

 Under the Non-Halal section, there’s the wine collection as well as liquors, not to mention all the porkie goodness. This is my haven/sanctuary.

Selected Wine from all over the world

There’s also wine dispenser. Say whaaaaaaaaat?!

Buyers can sample wine from the wine dispenser before purchasing.

Not only do we get to sample the wines, but also enjoyed the promotional price as the Moscato we sampled is also one of which I bought previously from a winefare and they’re selling it cheaper here! Thanks to the promotion currently held here.

Whiskey, name your year

Drinks for all occasion..

from Japanese Sake to Mexican Tequila

from ingredients to cook pork to ready to eat pork can food

from fresh pork to ham & sausages

There’s a food court just outside and there are 2 sections, halal and non-halal. There’s an enourmous clock across the entire ceiling at the non-halal food court and at every hour, the chime of a grandfather clock announces accurate time. So, it’s as real as you see it!

The non-halal food court serves favourites from Lam’s Kitchen, Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, Sun Huat Kee’s pork ball noodles, Hamky Panky and Menya Musashi. Some of which, we get to sample some of their signature dishes:

Potato Fruit Salad, Caesar Salad & Roasted Pumpkin

For starters, we had potato fruit salad, Caesar salad and roasted pumpkin from Hamky Panky. Love the mashed pumpkin the most. Sweet and soft, perfectly done.

Hamky Panky’s Roast Pork Sandwich

Hamky Panky’s Roast Lamb Sandwich

Hamky Panky’s concept is similar to Subway. First, you pick your choice of bread, then the meat comes the veggies and sauces for your desired sandwich. I like both the sandwiches as they are generously packed with roast pork and roast lamb.

Ariabatta Spicy Pasta @ RM15.80

Hank’s Asian Pesto Pasta @ RM15.80

Both the pasta are from Hamky Panky as well. They’re pretty good and considering the location, pricewise is affordably cheap.

Char Siew (Honey Roast Pork) & Siew Yoke (Crispy Skin Roast Pork)

Roast Duck

From Lam’s Kitchen, we had their Char Siew, Siew Yoke and Roast Duck. Both the Siew Yoke and Roast Duck are really good and love them to bits, which we did try to order for more Siew Yoke but they ran out already. This calls for the mission to return here for some succulent crispy pork!

Sun Huat Kee’s Pork Balls

We had so much on our plate already, so we sampled Sun Huat Kee’s Pork Balls only. For you pork ball noodles fan, this is no stranger as the first outlet is located in Lucky Garden, Bangsar and I usually patronise the branch in Section 17 or Hartamas.

The Fresco is the halal section of the food court. Instead of paying for food from the ala carte menu, I passed them my freshly bought meat and fish from the grocer and paid for my sidedishes. Took the number and waited patiently at my table while sipping the Pink Lemonade. The side dishes came pretty quickly and the mains came right after.

Pink Lemonad @ RM5


Coleslaw & Greek Salad @ RM6.80 each

We had 2 meats and 1 fish, so we had to purchase 3 sidedishes (from RM6.80 onwards) in order to enjoy the free cooking service. The sidedishes came in generous portion and served in separate plate. There was the third sidedish which was the roasted mushrooms which I forgotten to take picture of. Hehe..

Here comes our BEEF!

Impressive food presentation 🙂 And also, to ensure that you’re getting what you bought earlier, they even include the price tag/bar code on of the meat beside it. Lol

Medium rare Wagyu Beef

Medium Rare Australian Grain Fed Beef

When I passed them the meats, they asked how our beef should be done and when I told them we like it “Medium Rare”, we were told that medium rare still has a bit of blood just to make sure that we’re fine with it. And when we were served with our beef, I’m impressed on the doneness of the beef! Perfect medium rare. Superb! The Wagyu beef just melts in my mouth whilst the grain fed beef is so tender and juicy. #Beefgasm

As for the salmon, it was simple pan fried and served with mayo. Simple yet delicate. Had a great dining experience here as I got my favourite cut cooked the way I like it. A complete shopping and dining experience at Jaya Grocer.

Do check out Jaya Grocer @ The Intermark and discover that it is a great place to shop and also a great place to fill up the tummy. Get easy and same level access to Jaya Grocer from Gate D. Purchases above RM30 entitles shoppers to free parking for the first two hours.

Jaya Grocer
The Intermark
Lower Concourse
348 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur, 50400

Website: http://www.jayagrocer.com

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