Jarrod & Rawlins @ AmpWalk, Ampang Jaya

Just a few weeks before the year-end, we had dinner at Jarrod & Rawlins in Ampwalk to check out their new menu and at the same time, we get to try their Christmas set. Ampwalk has plenty of parking which is good and parking fees are at flat rate after 6pm. The only cons is the traffic getting into Ampang. Thankfully, on the day we were heading to Ampang, the traffic was miraculously favourable!

The place looks pretty different from the last time I was here….which was…approximately 3 years ago? Got to know that they recently refurbished the place..

In conjunction with the renovation, they came up with new menu as well. For J&R fans, no worries, they still retain some of the people’s favourites in the menu. Jarrod & Rawlins is known for their fine food, wine and pork dishes. *rubs tummy*

Started off with white wine and later succumbed to red as we were getting down to the real deal.

Whole Baked Camembert Cheese (250g) – RM42.00

Topped with toasted pistachio nuts with freshly baked loaf or crackers.

For starter, we shared a Whole Baked Camembert Cheese! They practically shoved the whole cheese into the oven and give it a bake and served runny. Such a great treat! Couldn’t resist the temptation of breaking the loaf and dipping and scooping the most cheese as possible.

Pork Dynamite Chili Sausage @ RM15.50

The Pork Dynamite Chili Sausage is the bomb! It is truly spicy, live to its name and no kidding.

The Ham Serrano and Melon is off the menu and it was a Christmas dish.

Char-grilled Pork Belly @ RM19.50

Did someone mentioned Pork Belly? *hands up* Char-grilled?! *both hands and legs up*

Made to perfection, the sliced char-grilled pork belly is succulent, tender and juicy! Each biteful is a blissful joy T3T


Meatballs & Mashed Potato @ RM27.50

Similar to what IKEA serves in their foodcourt, we have meatballs served with gravy and mixed berries jam and mashed potato in the middle.

Liver, Onion & Bacon with mashed potato, onion Gravy and crispy streaky bacon @ RM26.80

The liver what?! This dish is not usually found in many restaurants and forget about spelling them out and quickly fork those medium cooked liver before they are overdone! Medium done liver cooked with onions served with mashed potatoes, onion gravy and crisped streaky bacon. I can have this as a meal on its own.

Crispy streaky Bacon with Apple sauce @ RM11.50

Fan of bacon? Simply couldn’t get enough of the crispy bacon that we ordered a few extras to snack along dinner.

Hickory Baby Back Ribs – Full Slab @ RM78 (Half Slab @ RM48)

Coming in a group of 3 or more, definitely must order J&R’s pork ribs to share or if you’re game for a rib on your own, they have half slab. Glistening sweet looking Hickory Baby Back Ribs is served in either full or half slab with baked potato and coleslaw. Personally, I love the baked potato a lot! Perfectly done and I wish to have more sour cream to go with it.

 Can I have all these to myself?

Say YES nowwwwwwwwwwww!

Masala Lamb Skewers & Garlic Butter Paratha @ RM31.50

Although J&R serves pork dishes and mostly are western cuisine, they do have some local cuisine in the menu. One of which is this Masala Lamb Skewers served with garlic butter paratha, rocket salad and spicy cucumber raita.

Goes very well with wine.

While tasting out their new menu, we were treated to their Christmas platter as well.

J&R is an ideal place to hangout especially if you’re an avid whisky drinker and has the love for 80’s songs. The night when we were there, they played the 80’s music videos which were mostly new to me! Learned about many artist from those days and was amused with everyone’s enthusiasm on the music. Everyone was so relaxed, laid back and happy reminiscing the good old days. Whisky and music talks goes hand in hand.

Mini Pulled Pork Burgers @ RM18.00

Slow cooked till tender, pulled and piled on a bun. Served with J&R’s Hoisin sauce dressing. I find this pretty dry but easily wash down with whisky in hand.

J&R Mini Cheeseburgers @ RM18.00

Creme Brule @ RM14.50

A meal is not complete without a sweet ending. We had Creme Brule and ended the evening with a nice hot Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee (alcoholic beverage)

– image leeched from kellysiewcooks.com/ –

Jarrod & Rawlins Restaurants
AMPWALK Mall, Jalan Ampang
Lot G08B, Grd Flr
The AMPWALK, 218 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates:

Tel: +603 2166 0708

Website: http://jarrod-rawlins.com

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