Italian Wood Fire Pizza @ Pizza Brava, Sri Hartamas, KL

Pizza Brava, an Italian wood fire pizza restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas has been around the neighbourhood for sometime already. Everytime we drove/walked pass, we would admire the aromatic baked crust and we have been planning to drop by for a meal. Finally, we did check it off our list on a birthday.

View from inside out – very classic Italian with a modern twist. There are 2 vespa in the restaurant.

Spot the iconic Italian figure on the counter 🙂

The restaurant has a cozy yet classy ambiance. We were not looking into much of the interior but we were wowed by it. An open spaced kitchen which you could catch glimpse of how your pizza is done. Their menu is simple yet extensive. There are various types of toppings for pizzas and there are also other dishes such as salad, pasta, steak and other western dishes to choose from. Each table has these basics condiments of salt, pepper, tabasco and olive oil infused with dried chilies.

Fettuccine Carbonara @ RM18

When we say Carbonara, the image of spaghetti flooded with rich and creamy carbonara sauce pops into our head. Here in Brava, their Carbonara is less creamy and almost aglio olio like but you can taste that it is well tossed in carbonara sauce which makes it less jelak (satiated).

Generously served with ham and grated cheese

Pizza Dragone @ RM19 (10″)

The Dragone is somewhat like a giant curry puff. It’s a pizza with fillings on crust and then folded in halves. When cooked, it creates a pressure from inside and thus the folded crust balloon up and looking like this curry puff.

Cheeky cook made a heart tomato sauce with mixed herbs sprinkles on it.

So puffy makes me want to use the knife stab into in. Muahahahahahaha

Crispy outer layer and oozing cheese and yummy ham goes so good with the tomato sauce. A simple dish such as this easily satisfy the hungry and picky diner.

Pizza Brava @ RM19 (10″)

This is Brava’s specialty pizza. Tomato based with cheese, beef pepperoni, mushroom, capsicum, lots and lots of olives!


Über thin classic Italian crispy crust~ Definitely a go to place whenever you’re in the mood for some Italian eats and yet pocket-friendly. There are plenty of other dishes to try out too and I’m looking forward to visiting this restaurant again.

Opening Hours:
Daily from 11.00am to 11.00pm

Pizza Brava
18, Jalan 25/70A Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: 3.162468, 101.650408
Tel: +603 6201 6608

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