I Love Yumcha 我愛飲茶 @ Plaza Menjalara, Kepong

I Love Yumcha is a modern Chinese restaurant which provides Chinese tradition of “Yumcha” (drinking tea) experience.  They serve high quality tea and delicious Hong Kong Dim Sum at a reasonable price. There is a wide range of dim sum from the local favourites of pork siew mai, deep-fried taro puffs, rice noodle rolls with shrimps, and so much more! Themed with traditional environment with marbled tables, wooden stools, dim sum carts and tea set, you’re bound to enjoy good dim sum with great Chinese tea. It’s easily crowded on weekends from breakfast till lunch.

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It’s not difficult to locate the place as you can easily find it on Waze (search for “I Love Yumcha” with the description of “Bandar Menjalara, Kepong…” on click here for the direct link on Waze). And if you’re familiar with Kepong area, the place is surrounded with steamboat restaurants. You could hardly miss the place for its huge vibrant signboard :) Location map and address is at the end of the post.

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Before we start digging into our little dim sum buffet, we had a quick tutorial on the art of drinking tea by tea master Gordon. There are a few rounds of tea sniffing from the leaves to brewed tea. The first round when the tea is brewed, it is passed around for everyone (those tea drinkers) to smell and admire its aroma and quality. Then, another round, we were served with the tea in a unique manner (see picha below).

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An eye opener to the art of drinking tea.

The tall cup which looks like a shot glass is the smelling cup. Tea is poured in this cup and the drinking cup is place over it before turning it. The process to turn over the cup is like some tea kung fu. Best illustrated from the video below:

With both hands grabbing the cups and flip them over so that the tea from the smelling cup is inverted into the drinking tea-cup. Then, we were told to pick up the smelling cup and admire its aroma, and smell the tea from the drinking cup to compare. This is how avid tea drinkers admire the aroma and quality of a tea.

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Once we got our tummy warmed up with the great fragrant tea of Oolong, we got our table filled up!

i love yumcha (10)Porcupine Bun 豪猪包 @ RM6.50 (only available on Sat & Sun)

The Porcupine Bun 豪猪包 is one of my favourite bun because it is so cute and adorable :3 comes with lotus seed paste in it. Previously, their unique steamed bun was in the form of a piglet but they changed it to porcupine. I like the new invention as it is totally heart capturing bun <3 Really em seh tak eat it nohh.. T3T

i love yumcha (3)Polo Bun 波萝包 @ RM6 (only available on Sat & Sun)

I am no fan of Polo Bun 波萝包 but Ah Bok said that their Polo Bun is pretty authentic and yummy. I’ve never tasted an actual Polo Bun from HK but I can confirm on the later statement that it is indeed yummy and I love the top crust on the bun!

i love yumcha (4)Salted Egg Custard Steamed Bun 流沙包 @ RM5.50

A must have in any dim sum galore is the Salted Egg Custard Steamed Bun 流沙包 with hot steamy runny filing of salted egg custard. It is as yummy as you lick off every single drop of custard off your fingers!

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Spicy Chicken Feet 香辣鳳爪 @ RM3.80, Squid Balls 上湯章鱼丸 @ RM5.80, Thai Styled 泰式烟肉卷 @ RM5.50, Bean Curd Roll with Thai Chili 泰式鮮竹卷 @ RM3.80, Yam Pork Ribs 芋香汁排骨 @ RM4.80

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Siew Mai (pork dumpling) 鱼子烧卖 @ RM4.80, Har Gau – Translucent shrimp dumplings 原味鲜蝦餃 @ RM5.50, Shark Fin Dumpling 鱼翅卖 @ RM4.80, Translucent Scallop Dumplings 晶带子铰 @ RM6, Otak-Otak Siew Mai

There are over 40 items in the dim sum menu and they are all freshly made daily. Most of their steamed dim sum can be found on the mobile cart that goes around with steamer to keep them warm, while those not found on the cart can be ordered from the menu and made fresh upon order.

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Hot & Spicy Pork Dumplings 红油辣駮 @ RM5.50, Bean curd Sheets and Shrimps Wrapped with Rice Noodle Roll 鲜虾腐皮肠粉 @ RM6, Stir fried Radish Cake 香炒萝卜糕 @ RM6 & Congee of the day @ RM

One of my favourite pork dumpling is this Hot & Spicy Pork Dumplings and not many places serve them right, eg. either not spicy enough, not saucy enough or just too bad. Here on the other hand, the pork dumplings are done perfectly and served in black vinegar sauce with chili oil and garnished with spring onions. The sauce is just the way I liked it.

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Shanghai Pot Stickers 上海煎锅贴 @ RM5.50, Deep fried Salad Shrimps 米网沙律芒果卷 @ RM5.50, Deep fried Taro Puff 蜜窝芋角 @ RM4.80 & Fried Mango Prawns 芒果虾 @ RM5.50

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Deep fried Sesame Coated Mochi with Lotus Seed Paste 金黄芝麻枣 @ RM3.80 & Egg Custard Tart 港式蛋塔 @ RM4.80

The price is reasonable and value for money as the portion and quality are greater than those you find out there. Thanks to Yan and Gordon for hosting us. Totally spoiled us with so much food and tea, and even brought us to their Sifu place for an enlightening tea talk. We had a great time eating, drinking and learning so much about Yumcha (drink tea). Who knew this simple word, Yumcha, means more than just “drinking tea”. Here at I Love Yumcha is the real Yumcha deal.




I Love Yumcha
Plaza Manjalara, Jalan 8/62a,
Taman Manjalara, 52200 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates:  3.193544, 101.629957

Tel: +603 6732 5308
Facebook: I love Yum Cha 我爱飲茶
Website: http://www.iloveyumcha.com/

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