Hoong Kheong Restaurant 鸿强茶室 The DDLY Beef Place in Ipoh

Putt described this coffeeshop as the DDLY (doh doh lan yeh in Cantonese) not because the place is full of talk cock bullocks but because there’s always a long wait for table and to top that up, the place is usually open for business whenever they feel like it (very DDLY). While I was trying to figure out where in the world is this DDLY beef place, I googled to to no avail. Since Putt mentioned that the place opens whenever the boss feels like it, we didn’t put much hope for it for breakfast and planned for dim sum instead. As Putt was on his way to work, he happened to drive past and caught sight of the shop. It was opened and he immediately call us and ask if we would like to have breakfast there. Of course we do!! Since we don’t always drive up to Ipoh and the place is casually closed, we hurried to get ready and head out to the coffeeshop.

 Everything they serve here are homemade, especially those fishballs, pork balls,  tofu and what not.

It takes a long wait to get a seat in here. Thanks to Putt for being so patient to hold the table for almost an hour for us *touched* Can imagine all the horror stares by the other patrons >..<!

Fried  sengkuang (sweet turnip) and beef balls.

The fried sengkuang is something new to me. This is my first time eating it and liking it already. Goes well with any kinds of chili sauce.

The homemade chili sauce which suppose to go with the noodles, but ends up as my dipping sauce.

Minced pork noodle

The noodle (hor fun) is mixed with their specialty gravy, topped with fatty bean sprouts, spring onions and minced pork. This is a type of kolo noodle and I find it pretty bland.


The fishball is famouse of a reason. It is dem good. Very springy and yea, you could even joke about using it to replace the ping pong ball.

A mixture of tofu and pork balls

Beef Soup

The beef soup comes with tender slices of beef and very tokkong soup. Comes with a lot of coriander leaves that makes the soup tastes refreshing at every sip.

Our table were fully crowded with bowls and plates of balls, soup and noodle. Thanks again to Putt for holding the table for us and for the satisfying breakfast. *burpp*

On a side note, I noticed the local Ipohan loves to crowd in one coffeeshop. LOL. Most of the coffeeshops are crowded and tend they are very patient in waiting for tables. As for us slow eaters who tends to take our sweet joyful time in savouring and enjoying our food, we get quite a number of hungry stares. *pressure* #eatlikef1


Hoong Kheong Restaurant
Jalan Masjid, Taman Jubilee,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

GPS Coordinates: N4 35 34, E101 04 58

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