Hennessy Artistry 2010 at MIECC

Over the weekend, last Saturday to be exact, the BIGGEST Hennessy Artistry party of 2010 was celebrated at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC).

It was my very first party since I came to KL, what more to say the Hennessy Artistry party! *so happy*

The tickets were categorised according to different private areas of V, S, O, P and letterless ticket was for the open space area (which some friends call it the commoners’ ticket *LOL*). The tickets I got were labeled with O, which is mostly for bloggers and media.

Yomi was my party date :)

The security during the event was tight and strict. Different entrance for different ticket holders.

Before entering into the party hall, we need to register first, to get our handband to enter the hall. Lotsa procedures.

Ah.. You blogger? Go over to the other side.”

Me: Eh.. Oh ok.. *queue again*


Me: Yes yes

“What’s your name?”

Me: Anna Bella Wong *looks into list and points out own name*

“Fill up your details and sign here”

Me: Ok

Got my handband, it’s Pink! Nice leh..

The dresscode was “Dress to impress”. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my wardrobe all the way from Kuching. This is the best I can impress you. T________T

On the way from the registration centre to the party hall, there were a lot of backdrops to take picha with. This is one with all the artists’ autograph. Chio~

Just outside the hall entrance, there’s this one lighted backdrop must take picha with :3

Upon entering, this is what it looks like. This is where the songs are mixed and played by the DJ (girl in white in the white box).

On the other side, which is on the left side, you can get onto the platform and learn to be a DJ! Learn to mix your own songs. So diva~

As stated on Hennessy Artistry’s tagline, the Global Art of Mixing. At this section, mixing zone which I like to call it the School of Hennessy. This is where you learn and experience Hennessy in a way you haven’t before.

The great thing about this school is that you don’t need to enrol for it and you get to drink Hennessy. Just grab the hearphone and you’re on!

Mr. Julien Defrance briefing us about the art of mixing Hennessy with 4 flavours of apple, citrus, berry and ginger.

Sorry, I’m bored. I just want to drink =x

Met Kate at the School of Hennessy, the mixing zone.

The highlight of the party, Hennessy V.S.O.P.

Now, back to school. There are 4 mixes of Hennessy served to us all night long, namely; the Hennessy Apple, the Hennessy Citrus, the Hennessy Berry and the Hennessy Ginger.

The Hennessy Apple

I like this. It is a mixture of Hennessy and apple juice.

The Hennessy Citrus

This one tasted just okay, the ordinary. It is a mixture of Hennessy with coke and lemon juice.

The Hennessy Berry

I quite like this but prefers the Hennessy apple. This one is a mixture of Hennessy and cranberry juice.

The Hennessy Ginger

I like this the most. At first I was pretty doubtful to give this a try because the first 3 drinks of Hennessy were mixed with fruit juices, so, I thought they’d mix this Hennessy ginger with ginger juice =x But later, I learned that they mixed Hennessy with Ginger ale, so I was sure it would taste good. And well, it does. :)

Towards the party hall… By the way, there’s this section where you get to take pichas with Hennessy frame and props. We took quite a number of pichas there but not with my camera. :( Now, where can I source for the pichas? Am waiting for H-Artistry photo gallery :P

Anyway, this is how the party hall looks like upon entering. Lights, music and people everywhere!

The first bar we saw is at the open space. So many Hennessy lining up ready to be served.

Those partying at the open space were given drink vouchers. They were limited to 5 drinks per person.

From 9pm till late, everyone were fed with these lovely fruit “juices”. *hics*

This is the private area for the O’s. I call it the O-zone. Love the way it sounded, like the Ozone layer. Teeheehee..

View from the Ozone layer. Just 3 steps above the earth.

Met Simon and friend at the Ozone layer.

Also met up with the Jasons (Mynjayz and Smashpop).

There’s also Adrian, Priya, Wang Ying and TK (no picha). Great peeps to party with!

Some pichas of our drinks for the night. Free flow for Ozone peeps.

The Hennessy Artistry Party became more happening with all the performance from Kardinal Offishal (Canada), Da Mouth (Taiwan), DJ Alex Dreamz (USA), Mizz Nina (Malaysia), Deja Voodoo Spells (Malaysia), and Foulworks feat. Ms. Eva T (Malaysia).

Didn’t manage to catch all the performance by all the performers, but the one I like most is Da Mouth. Just love their “La jik la jik~~”

This is how the crowd from Ozone layer looked like during the performances.

The private area, V at the top level.

Well, if you asked me, the most happening part is the crowd in the middle section. All the screaming, cheering, dancing, drinking and etc..

Huhuhuhu.. Parties like this makes me miss partying with my party queens (ahlost, dys and hamsiah) in Kuching!

Been hanging out in 2 different areas, the main area (party hall) and mixing zone throughout the whole night.

Managed to capture this picha with Drth Sid from Foulworks at the mixing zone where he spins and mix the music there.

Overall, it was a great party! Looking forward to the next  Hennessy Artistry BIG party :3

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