Heineken #Thirst2013 @ Sepang International Circuit

When they said that David Guetta is coming to Malaysia and performing at Thirst 2013 on Saturday, 14 December at Sepang International Circuit, it is yet another event not to be missed!


There were over 20,000 pairs of hands flew up in a sea of light at Heineken Thirst. Thousands of smartphone screens were visible among the the crowd as everyone enjoyed and appreciating the line up of some of the leading talents in the dance music industry.

For Heineken Thirst, it was the largest talent roll call so far. Global EDM superstar and pioneer producer David Guetta. Afrojack, W&W, Madeon, Nervo, Example, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, XU, Bunga and BATE spread across two massive stages: the Green Stage and the Star Arena.

Keep your hands in the air!

Those reflective sails added texture, depth and drama to the Green Stage, which helped to drive the performances by David Guetta, Afrojack, Nervo, Goldfish & Blink and BATE to new That same origami theme also defined the architectural innovation of the Green Stage’s VIP area. An effervescent mix of triangular sails, LED screens and lighting reimagined this VIP enclosure as a bold installation statement. Inside the VIP zone, stage-viewing areas, chill-out enclaves and comfortable cubbies were offset by the indigo glow of the UV lighting, which brought the Heineken Club Bottle, a VIP exclusive, to vivid life.

Designed by graphic designer and renowned installation artist Matt W. Moore, the limited edition Heineken Club Bottle was launched for VIP and Heinesuite guests at Heineken Thirst before a wider release in some of Heineken’s flagship outlets across Malaysia. The aluminium bottle features a variation of Moore’s signature vector-funk graphics and is inspired by the innovative origami design ethos Heineken showcased during Milan Design Week, which is reflected In daylight the bottle appears to feature a frosted geometric pattern featuring a signature green star. In the UV ambience of the VIP Area at Heineken Thirst, a new story began to emerge.

The edgy Heineken Club Bottle and its design philosophy also provided the inspiration for the ultimate in festival luxury. With pole position to watch Heineken Thirst’s Green Stage, the six luxurious Heinesuites were the ‘place to be seen’. With individual bars, elegant serving staff and space to dance and talk at the very heart of the night’s excitement, the Heinesuites are set to become a new benchmark for festival entertainment in Malaysia.

The unfolding layers were also mirrored in the design of the towering Heineken bars across the site as well as the Star Arena. Taking cues from some of the world’s leading international festivals, the Star Arena literally projected itself into the crowd, with a series of cascading screens that became both lighting sources and sources of visual inspiration on a stage headlined by W&W and with incredible moments from the likes of Madeon, R3hab, Example + On the subject of moments, this year the festival featured a brand new spectacle. In-between Nervo and Afrojack, Heineken Thirst unveiled a new star attraction – the Thirst Green Moment.

From the booming intro that stunned the Green Stage crowd into silence, to the multi-level visuals and choreographed lasers and pyrotechnics set to a specially commissioned music track, the Thirst Green Moment wowed an astonished audience and introduced a new sensory

There were numerous other highlights of this Heineken Thirst. The sea of hands and phones during Goldfish & Blink’s rousing set. The rush to the Star Arena for Holland’s W&W. The raw energy of the ever-prowling Example. The style of Nervo. The abrasive power of Afrojack. The interplay between the DJs and EDM celebrity snapper Rukes. Then, the sheer, polished perfection of David Guetta, a man who can comfortably command crowds of every size Most of all, there were the thousands of unifying, unique and individual experiences of the people who come to Heineken Thirst, who help to define it and separate it from other music

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Heineken Thirst is open to those above the age of 18 years only.


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