Heineken #LegendaryTraveler Instagram Contest

Have you watched Heineken’s “Dropped” videos? It is part of Heineken’s latest global campaign called “Voyage”. Dropped is a social experiment where selected individuals known as the Legendary Traveler will be picked from their current location and dropped in an unknown destination (which is somewhere on the other end of their world) with a mission to be completed. You can watch them here. I’ve watched all 4 series and my favourite one was the Cambodia series. It’s fun to watch as the Legendary Traveler is such a funny guy. From the videos, they all looked fun but if I were to be placed in their shoes, the first thing I’d do is cry for help. LOL!

Thanks to Heineken, I get to experience something similar first hand.

Heineken #LegendaryTraveler Instachallenge @ 24.08.2013

Over the weekend, I was blindfolded and Dropped at an unknown location with a mission. The mission was to capture the most creative and adventurous Instagram pictures starring the Heineken bottle. If you are following me on Instagram, you would have noticed all the Heineken Instagram pictures taken over the weekend. Those were my submissions for the Instagram Contest in hoping to win the top prize which is a brand new Leica camera!

All set & Ready! I even brought a portable mini fan.

Arrived at the pick up point, GAB Factory early and got ourselves registered. Glad to see so many familiar faces. Most of the participants are bloggers and Instagramers. While we were at the waiting room waiting to board the coach, we were guessing where this UNKNOWN location is. When we got on the transport, we were surprised and excited at the same time when the organisers said that we all must be blindfolded until we reach the destination. So mysterious!!

All @heinekenmy #LegendaryTraveler  blindfolded & waiting to be dropped at the mysterious location.
Jeng jeng  jeng

We were dropped at Perdana Botanical Garden or better known as KL Lake Garden Park. As soon as we got off the bus, we were gathered and briefed. Each #LegendaryTraveler was given a bottle of Heineken as a prop for the mission. We were given an hour to complete the mission and gathered back at the meet point. During the one hour, we have to capture and post the pictures to Instagram tagging @heinekenmy and also the hashtag #LegendaryTraveler.

We had to submit a minimum of 5 and these were my submissions:

Let loose.. Let the @HeinekenMY #LegendaryTraveler#voyage begin…

Thirst quencher even in the wild….

#Heineken leads the way…

If you look hard enough, you will find it.

Letting mother nature to chill my drinks

Refreshing burst

Ya. So many I know. I’m kiasu and I was hoping 5 out of the infinity above would make it to the judges final decision.

After the hour has passed, we gathered back and was transported to Tujo where we were fed and treated to ice cold Heineken. It is also where the results of winners were announced.


 Can’t believe I won in #Heineken #LegendaryTraveler  InstaChallenge! Thank you @heinekenmy for the #awesome experience & LEICA!!!! Not forgetting the  Heineken traveler bag all the way from Amsterdam & a year subscription for  Juice magazine. #thankful

When my name was announced as the final top prize winner, I was very surprised and over-excited at the same time. Stood up and raised both my hands before heading to the front to receive the prizes. Truth to be told, I’m still not over it. LOL

Thank you, Heineken, for the wonderful Instagram contest challenge and experience and the prizes!

To know more about Heineken “Voyage”, Legendary Traveler and Dropped, visit www.heineken.com/my/. I got to know about this Heineken #LegendaryTraveler Instagram Challenge from Heineken’s Instagram. Follow @HeinekenMY on Instagram and stay tuned to their updates!

Do follow me on Instagram (@annna86) and also “Like” my Facebook Page *click* for more pictures. All pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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