HAPA-GAB Outlet Of The Year: WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Congratulations to WIP for winning Outlet of the Year at the HAPA-GAB Excellence Awards 2012, recognized to be the best of the best among 69 outlets from the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.

WIP is short for “Whipped Into Place” (from once a “Work In Progress”), located at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

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Entering WIP is like entering a coastal resort as the bar restaurant is decorated with urban-tropic garden design giving the perfect ambiance for an exceptional relaxing experience. As I turned my head around, I admire every piece of decorations they have inside – tree trunks (which is said to cost 5 figures per piece!), lamps and lightings (some were specially custom made), furniture, wall decorations and even the smallest thing like the lamp on the table is to be jakuned about.

The Clam Bar

The Clam Bar – this is where you will find the Kuala Lumpur’s widest range of Mojitos apart from cocktails, premium champagnes, wines, spirits and beers.

GAB’s Strongbow, Guinness & Paulaner

Thanks to Fanny (SOULed OUT) and Henry (G2) for hosting us at WIP. We were treated to a great dinner inspired by Coastal Cuisines featuring Espetadas with an eclectic mix of Western, Local, Northern Indian dishes and pizza, pairing with GAB’s finest brands of beers – Strongbow, Guinness, Paulaner, and more…

My all time favourite, the perfect pint of Guinness. Smooth and creamy top stout :3

WIP also serves GAB’s black gold Guinness Foreign Extra. If you don’t know already, this is normally drank warm or at room temperature. The flavour is bolder and stronger than usual Guinness from the tap.

That night was not all about WIP, the services, ambiance and food only, but also some Guinness education moment. According to Henry from G2, Malaysia’s Guinness bottles can be easily recognised from the Bulldog symbol at the neck of the bottle. The Bulldog symbol is now universal. In the old days it used to be different.

Who let the dog out?

Now, let’s get back to the real deal.


We had 4 types of appetizer to share and they were all delicious!

Chicken Chimichanga @ RM22

The Chicken Chimichanga which looks like curry puff cut in halves, but is actually flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and cheese, deep fried, served with spicy tomato salsa.

Cheezy chick in the wrap!

This is one of our favourite appetizer and we were fighting for the doggy bag for this. :lol:


For Japanese food lover, Kakiage should be no stranger to you. This is a type of tempura made of strips of onions, carrot, prawns and white bait dipped in tempura batter and deep fried to crisp.

The Kakiage is served with sambal mayonnaise instead of tempura sauce. Love the mild spicy mayo.

Mutton Varuval

Another favourite on our table is this Mutton Varuval, a Northern Indian dish. The delicious tender and spicy boneless mutton cooked with chili and spices. As I chewed the meat and sip my pint of Guinness, the flavours blend so well that it is just so perfect.

Mushroom & Spinach Pizza @ RM31

Crispy crust Mushroom and Spinach Pizza is just too much as an appetizer as we had 3 before this.

This wholesome of mushroom and spinach and loaded with mozzarella cheese is just delicious. Love the crispy crust with its savourish toppings.

Pizza anyone?

This is WIP’s Pizza box which has instructions on how to eat pizza properly. LOL

I love item #9 most.

We took a break after the appetizers to let all the food land and arranged properly in our tummy for more space for the mains.



For mains, we had WIP’s signature dish, Espetada which is a typical Portugese dish made of chunks of meat on skewers, seasoned and grilled. Whereas in Malaysia, we would call it Satay – meat on a stick. The Espetadas were presented on the table with the skewers hanging from a hook on a stand. Impressive presentation I must say.

Lamb Espetada

Lamb loin marinated with garlic herbs and balsamic vinegar

Beef Espetada @ RM92

Sirloin chunks marinated with garlic and traditional herbs

Chicken Espetada

Chicken breast and chicken thigh chunks marinated with jerk spices

Seafood Espetada @ RM78

Prawn, squid and fish marinated with olive oil, garlic and herbs

Each Espetada is served with grilled vegetables and potato wedges.

WIP’s special sauces to compliment the chunks of meat and seafood.

I can has sea dragon on my plate :3

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

If I ever turned into a vegetarian (IF), I’d replace this Grilled Portobello Mushrooms over meat. Taking a slice of it is like taking a slice of meat, just that the texture is smooth and silky, plus it’s juicy!

Roasted Caribbean Chicken

The Roasted Caribbean Chicken served with the same side dishes with the Espetadas – grilled vegetables and potato wedges and roasted garlic sauce. The tender juicy white flesh of this whole golden brown chicken thigh marinated with spices and oven roasted is simple and delicious!


The same goes with the Branzino – Barramundi fillet pan fried and served with grilled vegetables, potato wedges and bisque sauce.

At this point, we were totally stuffed and we needed a break again!

Chicken Makhanwala

Another Northern Indian specialty in WIP is the Chicken Makhanwala– marinated chicken breast cooked in hot and spicy gravy and served with chana masala (chickpea in spicy gravy), aloo methi (potatoes cooked with fenugreek leaves), salad, papadum (Indian crackers) and naan or briyani rice, which Chris opt for naan.

Like a stuffed turkey, I managed to pick up my spoon to get a spoonful taste of the chicken makhanwala. :lol:

Sang Har Mein

This is a very exclusive Sang Har Mein (fresh water prawn noodles). Seated at the top of the deep fried wanton noodles is a huge prawn, not just any prawn but a fresh blue leg prawn and poured over with tasty egg gravy. Enjoyed a forkful of this.

Hubba hubaa


No matter how stuffed and bloated we were, we always have rooms for desserts :3

Tropical Fruit Pavlova @ RM20

The Tropical Fruit Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert topped with dragon fruit, orange, mango and passion fruit with coconut cream filling. The soft pavlova shell tasted like and reminded me of kuih bangkit (Coconut Cookies) as it melts in my mouth.


Trio Creme Brulee

WIP whipped out Trio Creme Brulee which consists of Vietnamese coffee, passion fruit and ginger flavoured creme brulee. This is my first time tasting flavoured Creme Brulee as the ones I normally had is original flavour.  Among the three, I prefer the Vietnamese coffee since I’m a coffee drinker ;)

Churros @ RM14

As though all the above is not enough, we ordered an additional dessert from the menu. Churros is a type Spanish doughnut (fried-dough pastry) served with white and chocolate melt sauce.

Chomp Chomp

Before making a move, I had to visit the ladies and I had my jakun moment in there. The mirror is so freaking cool! Like a huge monitor-mirror. Just had to take a picha of this show you all what I meant. Heee..

Overall, I had a great dining experience at WIP and my tummy couldn’t agree more. WIP is a great place to chill out with friends and family over a hearty meal and also a great place to hang out for a drink or two or more. With the ambiance, services and quality, the prices are reasonable.

Since Christmas is pretty much around the corner and also as the year is coming to an end, WIP would be an ideal place for food, drinks and celebrations. So, just pick up your glass and let’s call for celebrations. Just enjoy the remaining days of the years! When the new year comes, let’s celebrate the new year as well!

WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Lot G111, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandar Raya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2094 1789 / 2789 (for reservations)

Fax: +603 2094 3789

Website: www.wip.com.my

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