H-Artistry 2013 @ SPICE Penang

Last year, I was in Penang for several Hennessy events (H-Artistry Party of 2012, Hennessy X.O Food Tasting with Chef Michael Han, and Hennessy X.O Appreciation Night) and also not forgeting all the events held in KL as well. Many thanks to Hennessy and G2 for the wonderful experience and opportunities. No words could describe how thankful and privileged I am to be part of Hennessy’s entourage to Penang again this year for the first instalment of H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing of 2013. *so grateful*

Flew to Penang on May 25th, 2013 for the weekend and it was a weekend well spent with the great bunch of bloggers and media from KL and also well taken care by G2.

With the beautiful and graceful Kelly. Her blog is aptly named after her smile, Miss Sunshine. Literally brights up your mood when talking with her. :3 So glad to be seated with her on our flight to Penang.

As soon as we touched down Penang International Airport, we were transported to G Hotel, where we were accommodated for the night and also for the meet and greet session with the artistes performing H-Artistry.

While waiting for the meet and greet session to begin, we were placed in the waiting room and treated to unlimited flow of Hennessy V.S.O.P. We were so pampered and spoilt! :3 And who said you can’t drink in the morning XD

Hennessy V.S.O.P

..so spoilt. We even had ice-cream and for some of us who skipped breakfast, we had ice-cream with a few drops of Hennessy V.S.O.P. for breakfast.


Shared a table with Yomi and the Kellies (Kelly Chin and Kelly Siew) in the ballroom. Hee..

The meet and greet session was hosted by Emcee Juju (Julie Woon). Her new nickname given by 24 Herbs. Really cute and catchy. Julie did a great job hosting both the meet and greet session and the party that night. She got killer body weii..

Drink up with Hennesy Berry and Hennessy Apple

Fooling around and taking picha with Samsung Galaxy S4’s dual camera function while waiting for the meet and greet session to start.

DJ Nicole Chen, Singapore’s biggest female DJ

Pretty and shy. She’s so cute lah..  When asked what she has prepared for the party, she commented that she will be spinning based on her emotions.


24 Herbs, Hong Kong’s hottest hip hop group

Don’t be tricked by their serious looks here. They are very funny and entertaining. Kept everyone smiling from ear to ear and laughing out loud.

 24 Herbs & DJ Andy Murphy

The meet and greet session was so enjoyable and so much fun and laughter! 24 Herbs are so funny and made the session so lively.

with DJ Nicole Chen

 with DJ Andy MurphyDJ Andy Murphy, one of Australia’s most popular DJ and Music Producers

DJ Andy is such an eye candy. How can a person be so good looking one?? Somemore so talented.

More pichas of DJ Andy for you ladies..

with 24 Herbs

We hung out with the artists in the waiting room and took more pichas with them while enjoying Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks at the same time. After that, they had to go off and get ready for the evening, meanwhile we check-in and got our key to our rooms respectively.

Check out my room. Uber huge bed for 1 :D Can roll from one end to the other. LOL

Spacious and well equiped bathroom

Complimentary Mini Bar

G Hotel rooms are equiped with an extensive hotel amenities such as toiletries, towels, hairdryer, TV, iron and ironing board, safety box, free WIFI, etc and comes with free minibar. And if that’s not enough, each of our rooms come with complimentary fruits, cookies and chocolates. T___T So pampered.

Complimentary fruits, chocolates and cookies.

Also, there’s a tall mirror which can perfectly capture this #OOTD (outfit of the day)

After rolling a bit on my big bed, some of us assembled in the lobby and we head out for a mini food hunting for Penang local hawker food. You can read about it here.

#MOTN (make of the night)

When the sun was setting down, we were already on our way to SPICE Penang where the most anticipated nightlife events of the year is held.

with Ah Bok

with Yomi and Kelly

KL Bloggers and Simon (G2)

My gosh. We are such camwhores. We took at least more than half an hour taking picha at almost all the backdrop and Hennessy props that’s visible before entering the venue!


I didn’t bring my camera out during the party and so, I leeched these pichas from Ah Bok, Andy, Ben, Isaac and Kelly‘s facebook :D Thanks guys!

H-Artistry has its own trademark set up and this time round, instead of using the 360 Hennessy Camera, we found 2 “Show Me Your Hennessy Moment” photobooths inside the venue and it was epical! We were to takepicha looking into the “Show Me Your Hennessy Moment” photobooth and receive printouts of picha ON THE SPOT!

Got my favourite Hennessy Berry in hand, we walked towards our party zone and chilling out there while waiting for the line ups of the evening to begin.

Countdown for the first performance by 24 Herbs. Everyone waited anticipatedly and it was a heart throbbing moment!

The power of Samsung Galaxy S4, I could takepicha with 24 Herbs while they were performing on stage.

Hands up and cheers with 24 Herbs! DRINK UP!!

The final line up of the evening was DJ Nicole Chen who rocked the remaining night away. The finale songs played were just too good, songs that everyone could relate. Too awesome. Everyone from the floor participated, singing along and dancing away.

with Ethan, Ashleigh and Yomi

Thanks to Ash and Ethan for the arrangements!

with Yuki, Bok and Kelly

I was labeled as the most the most notorious photobomber by Ben. T_____T Where got notorious. So cute whaaaaat….

with the good looking DJ Andy Murphy *melts*

Thanks to Hennessy Malaysia and G2 for the invitation to the first instalation of H-Artistry of 2013. It is indeed the most anticipated nightlife event of the year! Also thanks for the arrangements and hospitality in Penang. We were well treated and pampered in G Hotel and not to mention priceless H-Artistry party experience at SPICE Penang. I’ve attended numerous H-Artistry parties and I got to admit that this year’s H-Artistry rocks my ass off. Big time! I enjoyed everything there is at the party. Needless to say the H-Artistry trademark set up, the photobooth, the drinks (Hennessy Berry, my all time favourite), the performances (24 Herbs, Dj Andy Murphy, Dj Nicole and local artistes) rocked the night away. Not forgetting the awesome party companions of the night, my love, my friends, the friendly crews from G2 and wonderful people from MHD. Everyone really partied the night away! It was a shame that time flies so fast when you’re enjoying at your best!

Nonetheless, the party experience this round is so much memorable, PLUS, I was sober till the end :3 so, I remembered everything. I partied smarter this time :D *pats on self* Am proud :3


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