Green International Festival Kuching 2009 Part 2

The event started off with the Introduction of emcees. The emcees of the night were Season Ting and Karen Bong.

Emcees of the night: Karen and Season

After introducing themselves, they continue on with the objective of the event and highlighting the programs for the night.

The Opening Dance was a hiphop dance performed by Soulz. The video of it is divided into three parts:

There’s the third part which I tried upload, failed three times on Vimeo. Forget about Youtube, it doesn’t accept MP4. Will be trying again on Vimeo.

After the dance, was the opening song, Heal The World, sung by  Edwin, Chien Chien, Peterus and Andy.

Thanks to Edwin for getting us the exclusive passes to unlimited access in the hall. We were able to capture the best angles and views of the night while we still can. lol..

Special seats. Upclose and personal XDDDDD

More to come in the next few posts, meanwhile, enjoy the opening videos first as I’m still uploading the rest of the videos – one vid every night thanks to Slowmyx. Till then, stay tune..

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