Green International Festival Kuching 2009 Part 1

Wow.. We’re in the third week of August already. One more week to Merdeka Day. Which reminds me that Green International Festival (GIF) Kuching 2009 was 2 weekends ago!

Many thanks to Edwin and Frederick (Techno Expo) for extending the invitation to us and having us over for the event. Even though it’s an open event, still want to thank them for organizing such a big event! Otherwise, we where got chance to play around in the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK).

So, how many of you went for the exhibition? How many went for the charity concert? How many went for both? I went for 3 of it – Went to check out the exhibition, cheered at the charity concert and even ate there!

How do you find the exhibition and concert?

The exhibition was very educational. Unfortunately, when I was roaming around at the garbage enzyme booth, the person in charge of that particularly booth was not around because it was already pass 7pm, in which it’s the end of the exhibition for the day. I didn’t know that they were giving away a bottle of garbage enzyme!! My colleague went in the afternoon and got herself a bottle of free enzyme. :o

What happened if you get hungry there?

They have caterings near the hall and in between the exhibition. Friendly staff at the food counter.

Since we went there in the evening (roughly 6pm), some manage to have dinner before going over, I for one didn’t. So, luckily they have food in the centre. Teehee..

Mee Goreng @ RM6.50

Food and drinks are slightly pricier but still affordable – as expected. A can of softdrink is priced at RM3.00. The food was not bad. Looking forward to their restaurant :D

What about the concert?

The concert was great. Especially when you have your friends hanging around with you. Spent most of our time in front of the stage! Lots of stories to tell, but I don’t know where to begin!! lol

Anyway, I’m dividing the event into several parts to avoid heavy loading and extreme long post for it.

Before entering the hall for the concert, we took picha a LOT outside. Here are some pichas from my phone and the rest are taken from facebook uploaded by the rest. Leech mode. Ngiahahahha..

3 green girls and 1 black

We were suppose to be leaves for the sunflower. Said it before snapping, but end up only me leafing there. They pranked me. piff!!

One thing about BCCK, it’s damn cold inside!! I was practically freezing throughout the whole night. So we need to exercise to keep ourselves warm:

Group Jump before event started

This is one of my favourite picha of the night! The group jump. Thanks to TV for the picha. After the group jump, we went into the hall.

Since ahlost was carrying two DSLR, which looked heavier than her, I offered to help her carry one of them. Then, Foosi sempat snap this for me. Kekekekeke.. Feel so pro cam wei~ Even though it was ujst for 15 minutes. LOL!!

The event didn’t start on the dot, so, we berpichas. Outside the hall, it was cold. Inside, it was freezing! It’s like a huge fridge. My first time attending a concert without flowing a single sweat! LOL!!

with SuperstarEdwinaaaaaahh

Here’s one with BusySuperStarEdwinah. kekekeke..

"Diu or no Diu??"

Then there’s one shot taken from afar by Gerald. From the picha, it seems like there’s a fight down there. LOOOL!!

Purposely took this picha with the Uncle in it

Yienyien, remember what you told me about what the uncle said? LAMAO! Am still lamaoing at it now.

We were first told to sit on the first row, left wing of the seatings. But since we have the access to the “cage” (the fencing around the stage mainly for photographers with TAG), we went over for test shots before the event started.


Gerald snapped this while everyone was busy minding their own business in the “cage”. While the DSLRes were taking few test shots to get the right settings, I was busy taking pichas of the surrounding and you can see from this picha, dys and yien busy chit chatting there. tsktsktsk..

Kelefei to the max!

Even took the opportunity to sit on the stage!

Kacheek kacheek

My digicam is not back yet, so that night I took pichas and videos using my few weeks old phone. Guess what, it died on me in the mid of the show. !@#%^$*!!!

This is what I was Kacheek-ing

Here’s a comparison between a 3.2MP HPcam and a DSLR with Fisheye lense:

Taken with Nokia 5800 3.2MP


Taken with a DSLR and Fisheye lense

SO BIG DIFFERENCE CAN CRY! The heart says, I want a DSLR. The mind says, I don’t need a DSLR.

Anyway, this post is an introduction before the event started. lol.. In the next post, the opening dance and song and few performances in queue!

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