Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Jalan Mesui, KL

Met up with Eunice few weekends ago for breakfast at Feeka Coffee Roasters. It has been ages since we last met her and it was great catching up over a few cups of coffee, toasts and eggs.

Feeka Coffee Roasters is located along Jalan Mesui, beside Palate Palete, same row as No Black Tie.

Simple yet cosy set up.


They have their very own house blend of coffee and have them locally roasted. If you like the coffee here, you can also buy a bag or two or more home.

Mocha (RM12) & Espresso (RM7)

The Mocha is pretty subtle and you can actually taste a coffee in it. Saying this because not many cafe is able to pull this off (some have overpowered chocolate taste that it turned out to be like hot chocolate instead of mocha). A good wake up call for Eunice as she had the Espresso.

Flat White @ RM10

My Flat White was good and comes with velvety milk top.

Latte @ RM10

Yogurt Parfait in Glass @ RM 12

Our breakfast start off with a mouthful of healthy stuff. The Yogurt Parfait looks simple and plain but it’s actually delicious. The Greek Yogurt is served with some berries at the bottom of the glass and topped with fresh watermelon, flax-seed and quinoa.

Before making our order, I checked online to see what people say about their food here and many people said a lot of good stuffs about the Feeka Omelet. So, we ordered to try. The omelet came enveloped with mild cheddar cheese and cauliflower in it and served with sautéed mushrooms, herbs and homemade tomato jam. This is actually pretty good. Love the mushrooms that goes really well with the omelet.

Feeka Big Breakfast @ RM20

Because the first 2 dishes were great, I was quite disappointed with Feeka Big Breakfast as I was expecting for something BIG on the plate. Perhaps I’m a big eater so the portion looks small to me. This is just a Breakfast to me, anytime. Comes with a handful of sautéed mixed mushrooms, toast, beef bacon, sausage, potato hash and topped with two sunny side up. The name was more exciting than its looks.

At first we thought of sharing 3 dishes (expecting the big breakfast to be BIG) to be enough for 3 of us, but we were barely stuffed. So, we ordered another dish.

Brioche French Toast @ RM 16

The Brioche French Toast came looking lovely and smells good too. The Brioche was fluffy and served with spiced pineapple in orange sauce and Chantilly cream. Even the names of the ingredients sound so classy. Just too bad it’s not palatable for me and I would prefer caramelized apple to go with the toast. Just saying.

Feeka Coffee Roasters
19, Jalan Mesui,
Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinates: N3 08 55, E101 42 30

Tel: +603 2110 4599
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feeka.coffeeroasters
Operating hours: Mon-Sun 8am-12am

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