Doi Chaang Coffee @ Jaya One, PJ

Doi Chaang Coffee is no stranger to many coffee drinkers. My first time drinking coffee from Doi Chaang was from Ministry of Coffee. They use the same beans. I like the fragrant, robust and rich coffee taste it has, just what Arabica is supposed to taste like.

Doi Chaang Coffee (1)

There are many many many Doi Chaang Coffee outlets in the world. This one is located in Jaya One.

Doi Chaang Coffee (3)

Doi Chaang is an organic coffee grown in the hills of north-eastern Thailand. It contains lower caffeine compared to other coffee beans. For those who don’t drink coffee or learning to drink coffee, you should give this a try. You will be a coffee drinker at first sip. Heh..

Doi Chaang Coffee (4)Iced Doi Chaang Coffee @ RM12.90

After a whole day of shopping and since Bok has something he needs to follow-up at work, I went in Doi Chaang Coffee to chill. I was feeling thirsty and also since everyone commented that their Iced Doi Chaang Coffee is the best here, so, I gave up having latte (which I usually order when I’m in a cafe) and gave in to an iced coffee.

Doi Chaang Coffee (8)

It came looking like a 3 layered iced coffee. Gave it a quick stir and took the first sip. Wow! This is actually very good! I love it. Lovely rich coffee taste even though there’s so much milk in it, plus ice. It’s not all that diluted and still has the rich coffee taste in it. *Thumbs up*

Doi Chaang Coffee (6)Mocha

Mocha on the other hand was just alright. Pretty mild. Perhaps because I tasted the iced coffee first :P

Doi Chaang Coffee (7)

Doi Chaang Coffee
No.49, LG2, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +60 12 688 1344

GPS Coordinates: N3 07 04 E101 38 11

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