Day 6 Eat Clean Challenge: Overnight Oats with Mango & Blueberries, 3 Minutes Microwaved Salmon, Tomato Cucumber Salad

16.05.2014 – So, it has come to the sixth day of the clean eating challenge. One more day to complete a whole week, but not entirely a whole week of clean eating as dinner on some days were knocked off because my landlord and landlady decided to make full use of the kitchen and made wondrous meals (most of which are pretty healthy like soup and lots of veggies).

#Day 6 Eat Clean Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Mango and Blueberries

Overnight Oats with mango and blueberries for breakfast. Am loving this kinda breakfast already. So easy to make and so yummy!


½ cup mango
½ handful of blueberries
1 cup rolled oats (I’m using quick cook oats)
1 cup low fat milk


Combine everything in a bowl. Mix well and transfer into an airtight container. Keep in refrigerator for at least 6 hours to 24 hours.

I usually make this the night before and just grab and go on my way to work.


#Day 6 Eat Clean Lunch: 3 Minutes Microwaved Salmon with Veggies & Lemon

For lunch, I packed veggies prepared from the night before topped with 2 large tomato slice and rest the fresh salmon seasoned with salt and pepper on it. Garnished with lemon slices and sliced basil leaves. Brought to office and kept in the fridge. Lunch time, I took the container out and microwave it for 3 minutes and it’s all ready to be eaten! Make sure you’re using glass container 🙂

The 3 minutes Microwaved Salmon recipe can be found here.

I omitted mayo this time round and it’s still awesomely yummy!

#Day 6 Eat Clean Snack: Tomato Cucumber Salad

For afternoon snack, I had crunchy cucumber tossed with tomatoes in dijon lemon dressing (leftover from Day 5). Really love this dressing ♡♡♡


As for dinner, 🙂 I had homecooked meal made by my landlord 😀 So blessed.


The original recipes for Day 6 can be found here.

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