Day 1 in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Part 4: Khaing Khaing Kyaw Myanmar Traditional Food Centre @ Pyay Road, Yangon, Myanmar

In continuation to the third part of Day 1 in Yangon, we requested for really really local food for our late lunch. Mr Myint (our taxi driver for the day) brought us to Khaing Khaing Kyaw, a Myanmar Traditional Food Centre at Mille Pyay Road. It is a local restaurant which specialises in authentic Burmese dishes. We wanted really local food like local coffeeshop or street food stall.

It is said that there are many Khaing Khaing Kyaw outlets in Yangon and we went to one which is near Kabar Aye. The food center offers varieties of authentic Burmese dishes ranging from curries, fish, meat, salads, a wide spread of veggies, noodles, local delicacies such as kuih and so much more..

The concept is similar to our local mamak  or nasi kandar eateries in Malaysia, where you go straight to the food counter and decide what dishes you would like. It’s like a large buffet where u can actually see all the curries, soups, stir fries and etc. Best part is, you get to sample the soups before deciding which to have!

We each picked a dish and the waiter brought them to our table in small personalized portions.

So tempted to order the giant prawns but a bit worried about the freshness since it was cooked and displayed there for quite some time.

Once seated, we were served with a platter of raw and boiled veggies wtih fish paste dip as appetizers. Then, comes a bowl of hot soup and we were each served with a plate of plain steamed rice.

We shared all individual portion of tender braised pork, some veggie braised pork, delicious chicken soup and Mohinga (Burmese fish based noodle – which we didn’t fancy).

The pork dishes were fantastic! The meat was so tender and the gravies were so delicious and we ate our rice clean with all the gravies.

Tried their curry fish which is said cooked till the bone softens (something like sardine, so you eat everything including the fish bones), fried shallots fritters, Burmese local kuih (it’s similar to our tapioca cakes), and watermelon cocktail for dessert.

Before coming to Yangon, I did a bit of research on the MUST EATS in Myanmar. One of them is Burmese Tea Salad. Now, you see in Myanmar tea is not only for drinks but also eaten as salad. The pickled tea leaf is a national favourite and this salad is often served at celebrations or ceremonies.

This is what the pickled tea leaf looks like and it is also eaten as it is but scooping the paste with spoon. The caramel looking nuggets are made of palm sugar said to be eaten for better digestion. It tasted like our local brown sugar coconut candy.

Fresh Lime Juice & Mango Orange Juice

We had fresh fruit juices for lunch. One thing about Yangon is that they serve really good and concentrated fruit juice. Very refreshing and packed with vitamins!

A group picha with our guide/driver.

In total we paid Ks. 24,000 (approx. USD25) for 5 pax. We find it pretty pricey for some local dishes.

Now, let’s get some coffee

Khaing Khaing Kyaw Myanmar Traditional Food Centre
No. (617/A), Malar Bus Stop
Side of Kanbaza Bank
Thukhakabar Hospital Enter
5-1/2 Mile, Pyay Road,
Yangon, Myanmar
GPS Coordinates: 16.832902, 96.131896
Tel: 951 7300 6422, 4313 6669

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