Day 1 in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Part 3: Botataung Pagoda, Kandwagyi Lake & Karaweik Palace, Reclining Buddha, Kabar Aye Pagoda

After our brunch at Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant, we head out into the city for sightseeing by Mr Myint (our tour guide and driver for the day).

Botataung (Botahtaung) Pagoda

Our very first Pagoda stop is at Botataung Pagoda which is located in downtown Yangon and near the Yangon river. Botataung Pagoda is one of the well-known pagoda in Yangon because it has Buddha’s hair relic. So, it’s like a must stop by and see kind of pagoda for those who are into Buddhism or just a curious tourist like yours truly.

The ouside of Botataung Pagoda

The entrance fee is USD3 per person and you have to take off your shoes and socks before entering. We paid our fee and left our shoes at the counter for foreigners. And because my legs are too sexy dress is too short, I had to put on a “sarong” to cover my legs.

Fruits for offering sold outside the Pagoda

They lent me this red garment to cover my legs. No rental charges.

This is how the Pagoda looks like as you enter.

So many little details! All glass, tiles, gems?

This is what Botataung Pagoda looks like from the outside

The Botataung Pagoda was built some 2,500 years ago by the Mon people. In the second World War the pagoda was destroyed during an airforce bombing mission aimed at the nearby docks. Rebuilding started in 1948 following the original design. In the center of the tiled platform stands the main stupa surrounded by a number of smaller stupas. The main stupa is the unique feature of the Botataung monastery; it enshrines the sacred Buddha relic and it is hollow and open to the public.

Entering the shrine, the walkways are made of gold carved walls. So bling. The walkway is pretty hollow and there were glass show-cases containing many of the ancient relics and artifacts which were sealed inside the Pagoda. As we walked inside, we were actually walking around inside the pagoda. And it didn’t feel like we walked a round. Jeng jeng jeng.

Gold carvings wall

The sacred hair relic of the Buddha enshrined and exhibited in an ivory shrine studded and decorated with gold diamond and precious jewels.

I looked deep deep but can’t seem to see the hair. So, I took this picture to find it. hehe.. Can you spot the hair?

Many people (local and foreigners) come and pray here. Before leaving they will leave some money as offerings.

We had to walk on hot tiles barefoot T_______T around the compound.

The Nat pavilion

To get to the Nat Pavilion, we need to cross the bridge over this pond which is full tortoises and fish waiting to be fed.

It is said that the Nat pavilion has a life-size image of Bo Bo Gyi, who is believed to be the Nat spirit guarding the pagoda. Bo Bo Gyi is depicted as an old man wearing very colorful clothing.

I guess this is the replica of the Pagoda before it was destroyed in World War 2?

Mom and kid resting

Opening Hours: 6am until 10pm

Entrance Fee: USD3

Botahtaung Pagoda
Strand Rd, Yangon MMR013017, Myanmar (Burma)
GPS Coordinates: 16.768467,96.171997


Kandawgyi Lake & Karaweik Palace

There are 2 big lakes in Yangon, Kandwagyi Lake being the second biggest lake and Inya Lake the biggest. Kandawgyi is a reservoir surrounded with greens and this is where Karaweik Palace is located.

Karaweik Palace

Karaweik Palace is the replica of a royal barge and inside there is a restaurant. Initially, we wanted to come here for dinner or being the last stop as according to my pre-planned itinerary. We would have our first dinner in Yangon here and enjoy the evening watching cultural performances. The traditional Burmese entertainment starts around 6:30 pm until about 9:30. Price of the buffet including a few drinks and the entertainment costs around US$ 20 per person.

We took some pictures of Karaweik Palace before heading out.  We wanted to take a picture of the whole Karaweik Palace but Mr Myint didn’t understand what we meant (or maybe he does but didn’t want to bring us…perhaps it’s a far drive for the view). Also, the next day we found out that there is a zoo near the lake. =..= Wasted a trip here and didn’t get to visit the zoo 🙁 Anyway, according to Day 2 Taxi Driver, there are not many animals in the zoo. So, I guess we just save a trip to the zoo. But still, would like to check out their zoo 🙁

Opening Hours: Opens daily until 10pm

Entrance Fee: Kyats 300 per person

Kandawgyi Lake
Karaweik Palace
Natmauk Road and Kandawgyi Kanpat Road
GPS Coordinates: 16.795177, 96.168029


Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda @ Reclining Buddha

Our next stop is the famous Reclining Buddha which is 115 years old. Back in the olden days, there were no roof above the Reclining Buddha until 60 years ago an association was set up to raise fund for restoration works. Since then, they have been maintaining and restoring the Buddha image. The entrance fee is used for the upkeep of the temple grounds and the Reclining Buddha image as well as for the education of local monks of the Ashay Tawya monastery.

Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha – The Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha is 65 meters long and 16 meters high and Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha image is wearing a golden robe; the right arm of the Buddha is supporting the back of the head. The Reclining Buddha image is decorated with very expressive colors, white face, red lips, blue eye shadow, golden robe and red finger nails.

A closer view of the great reclining Buddha.

The Buddha’s foot print with the description of the lives of Buddha.

The soles of the feet contain 108 segments in red and gold colors that show images representing the 108 lakshanas or auspicious characteristics of the Buddha.

A huge hall


Reclining Cat

Opening Hours: 6am until 8pm daily

Entrance Fee: USD5 per person (from Myanmar travel website. I don’t recall paying the entrance fee, perhaps our driver paid for us)

Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha – The Reclining Buddha
Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
GPS Coordinates: 16.811715,96.163737


Kabar Aye Pagoda & The Buddhist Art Museum

Kabar Aye Pagoda

The name “Kabar Aye” in Myanmar means “World Peace” to which this pagoda is dedicated. This is another Pagoda in Yangon which has a Buddha’s relic room. Read on to find out more about this room.

There are full of vendors on both sides of the stairways to the pagoda, selling many hand-made products such as wooden carvings, dolls, bags, jewelries, etc.. This stairways remind me of the stairways to Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang. Same same but different because here we were walking barefoot. >.<

We were talking about Tanaka in the taxi. Tanaka is the powder seen on many children and women’s face. They apply it everyday and it is something like sunscreen to them. This is what the actual unprocessed Tanaka looks like.

Kabar Aye Pagoda was built 1952 and it is significant for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod which was held in its large precinct in 1954. Myanmar people are Theravada Buddhist and are very deeply devoted to the religion. For the Sixth Buddhist Council. which was held during 1954-56. the Kabar Aye Pagoda was built in dedication to the council. The pagoda was built in year 1954. The Kabar Aye Pagoda compound is a large one intended to have peace and quiet environment for the monks (Sangas) and the devotees.

Flowers for offerings

Buddha’s relic room

So, in here is where Buddha’s relic is stored but I’m not sure what it is. But, there were many Korean names in here. And also, it is said that many Korean antiques were stored in here. It is very quiet and peaceful in this room as everyone who enters will enter and leave quietly. I just feel goosebumps standing by the door. >.<

There is this man seated and reading/singing from this book. It’s like when the Mosque starts singing, I guess it was prayer time when we were here.

Mirror tiles. I asked about it. Why so many Pagodas have mirror tiles? Does it depict self-reflection?


Spotted this ah pii at outside the Pagoda.

Garden outside the Pagoda

The Buddhist Art Museum at the Kabar Aye Pagoda has a wide collection of religious paraphernalia and Buddhist texts.

Story telling session by Mr. Myint as he passionately tells of the story of the last Buddha.

Some of the scenes of the last Buddha story. Too bad no English subtitles for each descriptions. Heh.

Antique switch and power point!

Doesn’t this scene looks familiar? Like Journey to the West. Sun Wu Kong that story/movie.

Some donut coins in a bag which you can purchase to make wishes.

Spotted this 2 fella tossing coins into the bowl. If I’m not mistaken, if you manage to “score” a coin into the bowl, your wish will come true. Jeng jeng jeng..

The Guardians

Opening Hours: 6am – 8pm Daily

Entrance Fee: Unknown as I think our driver paid for it. Kyats 300 for camera use.

Kabar Aye Pagoda
Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Mayangone, Yangon.
GPS Coordinates: 16.856805, 96.154522


It was almost 2.45pm when we got out from Kabar Aye Pagoda and we headed off for our late lunch at Khaing Khaing Kyaw Myanmar Traditional Food Centre.

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