Chong Kok Wah Tuo Guan Restaurant @ Pudu KL

Since moving to KL, I have found a few places of heritage which serves really good and value for money food. You can still find good and reasonably priced food around KL. You just need to know where to find them ;) Thanks to family and friends who have been residing in KL long enough to share their favourite hidden gems in KL. Will be sharing them one by one :D (Try my best lah)

My Aunt who has been residing in KL for more than 15 years introduced me to this old shop, Chong Kok Wah Tuo Guan Restaurant, located in Pudu town. I have been patronizing the place as frequent as when my Mum drops by KL (to spot check on me), but I have yet to write it. :lol:


I believe that this old shop has been operating for at least 50 years or more! The architecture of the building and the interior detailings of the shop proves it all. Plus, there were lots of newspaper cuttings, collaged and framed on the wall from over the years. This very old and one of the heritage kind of shop in Pudu that sells authentic herbal tea and herbal jelly, and along with that they also sells food and sweet desserts.

Fresh herbal tea brewed daily. They say that the more bitter the better *gulps* And they sell a range of herbal tea along with supplements such as detox, cough, heat and etc tonic which is normally in powder form and they will mix in their herbal tea. Bitterness x 100000000000000, but with effective results.

The interior.

As you can see, the interior of the shop is in good condition and pretty modernised already. Just look at the flooring and tables and chairs. I was hoping that they would maintain the old fashion flooring with all those tiny mosaics and etc.. Guess, those are harder to maintain.

Just at the entrance, you will find this pictorial menu plastered on the chiller. To date, I’ve tried everything there is on the menu except the Assam Laksa and Nasi Lemak. Heh..

Ready made yummy desserts and herbal tea in the chiller

Some antiques display

The kitchen

So, you can see how your food is prepared.

Herbal 24 Cooling Tea @ RM2

Looks diluted and mild, but it’s actually bitter die me effect.

For something cooling and refreshing, we ordered the Wild Ginseng and Snow-Frog (RM6) sweet soup dessert. The snow-frog is a type of fungus, if I’m not mistaken. It is said to be good for the skin.

Menthol Herbal Jelly @ RM6

My all time favourite, Menthol Herbal Jelly. Comes with a choice of either original or menthol flavour. If you’re looking for cooling and mentholish effect, order the Menthol flavoured Herbal Jelly. Soothing all the way through your throat!

Herbal Jelly is actually bitter but mild bitter. Usually eaten with honey or sugar syrup.

Compared to the commercialised Herbal Jelly outlets we can find in shopping malls, herbal jelly here are so much cheaper and stronger herbal taste in the jellies. Not only that, I noticed the herbal jelly here gives cooling effect more effectively, eg. can immediately feel body heat reduced and feeling refreshed.

Fried Glutinous Rice @ RM5

They serve light meals here as well for those who would love to grab some bites to go along with desserts and herbal tea. Or for a quick bite as everything they serve here are ready made and served up pretty quickly.

The Fried Glutinous Rice is similar to a Loh Mai Kai, except that the glutinous rice is fried with dried shrimps, chicken and served with mushroom, shredded omelet, sesame seeds and Nasi Lemak sambal.

Steamed Rice Dumpling @ RM6

They serve Steamed Rice Dumpling as well! So, whenever crave for one any time of the day, can always drop by here as they normally have it in store.

Unlike the usual rice dumpling we normally had, this one contains mung beans in it! My first time having rice dumpling with mung beans, usually either red beans or peanuts. Love this.

My  all time must have when visiting this shop, Menthol Herbal Jelly and Shen Xian Porridge.

Shen Xian Porridge @ RM6

The plain thick porridge served with shredded chicken, mushroom, fried vermicelli, ginger, spring onions and seasoning sauce is simple yet delicious. As a porridge lover like me, I like my porridge thick and thoroughly cooked until the rice is soft to mashed. :D

Om nom nom

Got eat, got pack also. Because I rarely come downtown, so, whenever I drop by for a bowl of cooling herbal jelly therapy, I’d pack a few packs to go and enjoy them on other days when it’s hot!

Chong Kok Wah Tuo Guan Restaurant
37 Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2144 4166

GPS Coordinates: N 3 08.440 E 101 42.602


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