Bye Bye 2013, Hello Hello 2014!

Wow! Time flies. I still remember what happened on this day a year ago. I took the day off from work to attend Fred and Rachel’s wedding (read about it here and here). Then, whatever happened after the dinner banquet, my memories went blur. Next thing I know, I woke up looking at these 2 pichas which I have no memory of taking them. LOL

Jan 1, 2013

Anyway, here’s a recap of some of the happenings that happened in this year 2013. It has been a blessed year as I have won some competitions, get to travel almost every month and well fed till to date.

Be prepared for the heavy post, there are at least 100 pichas. *SUPER GRIN*


fooling around in McD’s kitchen

Had an awesome experience at McDonald’s Kota Damansara Drive Thru for the McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back campaign. Get to help out in the kitchen, or more like slowing down their production. Heh..

with Rose & Gladys

Went back to Kuching for holidays. It was a relaxing one. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep.

Get to meet the bunch of buddies back in Kuching. Had a great catch up. Should do it again. It has been a year after all.


Went to Sydney for CNY

Silly me for dropping my sunnies into the sea because I wanted to stand on the edge of the harbour for pictures. T3T

Bought and adopted a fake pet kangaroo. I took picture of it and update on Instagram everyday until Day 11 or so, then, it just ended up in the dustbin =X

I still have another pet koala. Anybody wants it? Message me, we shall trade.

Celebrated Bok and Louise’s birthday


Went to Jakarta

Celebrated my 27th Birthday at Tonkatsu. This year extra special because I have someone special to celebrate with. ^3^

Birthday Lunch @ Secret Recipe

Best colleagues ever! Misses them much. They are the best friends, family and colleague anyone could ever ask for T3T


Instead of always taking, I gave my boss a special love letter. I tendered my resignation.


Went hiking with Bok because he needs to train for Mount KK climb. Consider myself quite fit lah. This Bukit Tabur is a crazy place to hike. It’s not just adventurous but extremely life endangering T3T

Went for medical check up. First time urinate in such a small cup.


Went back to Kuching for election.

First time voting. I’m proud of myself.

Went to Penang for H-Artistry @ SPICE

Started work in the new Company. Got my stationeries and they are all new. Fresh fresh.


Random me doing the T-Rex pose.

Participated in AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party @ AirAsia Academy, Sepang. Amat best!

Made this piglet socks doll. But it turns out looking like…?


Made Japanese Curry

Joined Philips cooking workshop. Fell in love with the pressure cooker.

Switched my smartphone from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Joined the Red Bean Bun Baking Workshop to make red bean buns as seen in the web series Wind Chimes in a Bakery.

 Went back to Kuching for Raya

Made pancakes – pre-anniversary

Participated in Heineken #LegendaryTraveler and won a Leica.



Went for haircut but couldn’t decide which hair style to change to. Ended same same style still.

Got my very first darts card

Went to Langkawi for Malaysia Day



Meet Leo boy for the first time. So cute and always sleep one =..= And forever active Tiger boy. Love you long time <3

Went to Seoul, Korea. It’s all about Korean food, coffee, cakes, travel and walk walk walk walk walk walk till my shoes also gave up.


Ate fresh live octopus. *Pulls hair*

Celebrated our 1st anniversary <3 The best korean BBQ we came across in Seoul and elsewhere were just so-so only.

Sold my camera Samsung NX1000


Partied at H-Artistry finale party 2013 by Hennessy which was held at MIECC.

Pepero day 빼빼로데이 is a day similar to Valentine’s Day in South Korea

Had one of the best and closest Korean BBQ porkie goodness since coming back from Seoul!

Bought myself a new camera (self comfort as advance Christmas present for myself), new investment, new skills to pick up. Halo, Olympus OM-D EM5!

Been eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Made ice-cream from scratch using Nestle Natural Set Yogurt and fresh fruits. Quite yums!

Was there to witness Eric and Jennifer’s best moment in life. Eric proposed to Jenn, and she said Yes! Congrats to them both and looking forward to the big day ;)

Had Tang Yuen on Winter Solstice day

Went to Penang and did a lot of touristsy stuffs like taking pictures with all the Penang Murals by Ernest Zacharevic and Made in Penang 3D Art Museum. Also went coffee hunting and cafes in Penang are booming like mushrooms!

Get to eat my favourite Penang food :3

My Christmas gifts from taufulou :3

Went to 4 different shopping malls to shop for winter. Just to find that perfect winter jacket. Truth to be told, nothing is perfect. Ended up buying winter jacket that fits. T3T

And now here, snaking to type this down. Getting off work soon to go home, shower and head over to Jaya One for New Year’s Eve celebration. How are you celebrating  your New Year’s Eve?

Tomorrow, will be a brand new day, new year, new resolutions (perhaps).

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

See you all next year!

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