Belanga Cafe’s Minum Petang Sensation

Belanga Cafe is a boutique cafe known as a Potpourri of Malay Cuisine and has carved a reputation for its consistent in quality food with a myriad of home-style authentic Malay cuisine, including popular favourites such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Tumpang, which are ideal for social dining with business associates and with family. The entire atmosphere is modeled towards a typical Malaysia countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of traditional hand-made crafts, and kain songket which reflects a sense of elegance and luxury.

To date there are 2 Belanga Cafe outlets in KL, which are located  at The Gardens Mid Valley City and Empire Shopping Gallery. There’s another outlet coming soon at SSTwo Mall. Look out for it.

Last Saturday, I had a taste of the Potpourri of Malay Cuisine at Belanga Cafe, Empire Shopping Gallery for a Minum Petang (High Tea) Sensation with fellow KL Bloggers. Thanks to Feeq for extending the invitation.

The Minum Petang Sensation was an eye opener for me as I’ve never seen most of the delicacies before!  It was a new exploration for my taste buds on the West side of Malaysia.

Among all the treats, these were the highlighted goodies:

#1 Keropok Lekor

The Keropok Lekor (also known as fish sausages or keropok Gote) is familiar to me as we have this in Kuching. As claimed by Belanga Cafe, their Keropok Lekor is an original recipe from Kelantan. I love their spicy sauce that goes with the Keropok Lekor as it is really spicy :3

#2 Royal Murtabak

The Royal Murtabak consists of layers of soft pastry layered with spiced minced fillings and eggs and loads of diced onions. It is said that this is centuries-old food! Now I know what the centuries ago people’s taste are like :P

#3 Pulut Panggang

The Pulut Panggang is obviously not an alien food to me. I grew up eating this! One of my favourite treat during my childhood.

Pulut Panggang is banana leaf packed with glutinous rice and Belanga’s homemade fish floss and spices. Very tasty.

#4 Satar

At first glance, I thought this is just another type Pulut Panggang in triangle shape. When I un-leaf it, it is actually a type otak-otak (fish paste cake/mousse) known as Satar in Kelantan.

Satar is a blend of succulent boneless fish marinated in spices. It is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a flaming hot charcoal fire. I love this the most among all the high tea treats. It tasted like Vietnamese dish because of the strong Lime leaf fragrant in it.

#5 Kueh Akok and Tahi Itik Ball

Kueh Akok is the brown sweet delicacy made of eggs and gula Melaka (brown sugar). The white and yellow balls are known as Tahi Itik Ball. Tahi Itik means Duck’s shit dump. I’m serious, it’s called Duck’s Shit! I swear I didn’t make it up.

Just to prove I didn’t make up the Tahi Itik.

Anyway, this Tahi Itik Ball is made of raw egg (egg white for white Tahi Itik, yolk for yellow for Tahi Itik)  and sugar, sugar, sugar and nothing else but SUGAR. So, you can already imagine how sweet, sweet, and SWEET it is when knowing the ingredients.

#6 Anak Dara Dua Sebilik

For a delicacy this has a very sophisticated and interesting name. Anak Dara Dua Sebilik means Two Virgins in a Room. Exactly why is it name that way, I don’t know, but it does brings in the curiousity as how two virgins would taste like =x

As you can see here, there are two colored ends of pink and green. I reckon that these two are the “virgins” and the white part is the “room”.

When I halved them, I didn’t find any “hallway”. Just kidding.

Inside each “Virgin” is filled with coconut and gula Melaka (brown sugar).

#7 Roti Jala

Freshly cooked Roti Jala on the spot! Get to taste fresh hot Roti Jala from the pan.

The arrangement of my Roti Jala and curry here looks like ribbon badge. :P

Basically, Roti Jala means Net Bread. It is called net bread as it looks like a net and it’s a bread! LOL

Roti Jala is normally eaten with chicken curry. The curry here weren’t really spicy and it has quite a sweet end.

#8 Cucur Udang

Cucur Udang or Prawn Fritter is a norm delicacy for the Malaysian. It is a batter of mixed veggie with a prawn. The prawn fritter is not bad, but would be better if there were more prawns in it :P

#9 Sardine Rollen & Samosa

Here we have Sardine Rollen, Samosa  (all the golden brown delicacies) and familiar delicacies as mentioned above; Satar, Anak Dara Dua Sebilik and Pulut Panggang.

The Sardine Rollen is a crispy brown roll with sardine fillings. Next to is is Belanga’s Samosa, a puffy stuffed pastry shell with potato fillings.

#10 Sirap Selasih

This is one spectacular looking drink! The sirap selasih is rose flavoured syrup with seeds of fruits (maybe kiwi seeds).

In my context, these selasih, the fruit seeds are frog eggs is believed to give cooling effect.

The frog eggs aren’t chewy, but kinda crunchy and have the “pop” effect at the same time =/ Anyway, you don’t actually need to chew it, just swallow them as you drink.

Now, my favourite part of all, COFFEE.

Belanga Cafe is transforming into a Local Coffee Hub with an international approach. Unlike other local cafe, where local beans are used to bancuh kopi (make coffee), Belanga Cafe has its own Expresso Bar. Feed your daily dossage of coffee with Belanga’s beans imported from abroad. Belanga Cafe offers:

#11 Cafe Latte

Fern and little heart beside it. Woh! How did the barista managed to do it? That is some pouring skill.

Heart wave~

#12 Cappuccino

Very artsy foam.

#13 Expresso

This is a cup of one shot expresso. For the love of coffee, even the expresso has heart-shaped reflection from the lights.

#14 Ristretto

Ristretto is a very “short” shot of expresso. Unlike expresso, the extraction is earlier, leaving less time for water to pass through the coffee. For a coffee lover like me, it’s too high tolerance for my taste bud. It tasted very acidic to me.

#15 Learning More About Coffee from Jason

Jason who was the coffee master of the day, taught us a thing or two about brewing your own perfect coffee. He made me want to own an expresso machine of my own! :L He’s not one of Belanga Cafe’s crew though, he trains the barista here to make good coffee.

From coffee beans to grinded coffee beans to coffee cake. What makes a good cup of coffee can be seen from the coffee cake. If it turns out nicely compressed coffee cake, that’s a thumb up. If it turns up crumbly, boy, you gotta practice more to make a good cup of coffee.

With all said, I had a great time feasting on the delicacies, had my sensational cupS  (note on the capitalised “S”) of coffee and hope to go back Belanga Cafe again. Next time round, I want to try their Nasi Dagang as Feeq mentioned that it’s Sedap (delicious) and have a taste of their unique Avocado Coffee.

Now, when you visit Belanga Cafe make sure you take a snapshot with this poster outiside Belanga cafe to claim a 15% discounts off your bill! Jeng jeng jeng!!

Belanga Cafe
Empire Shopping Gallery
UG – 18,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 5631 2780

alI had a great time feasting on delicacies, had my sensational cupS of coffee and hope to go back Belanga Cafe again. Next time round, I want to try their Nasi Tumpang as Feeq mentioned that it’s Sedap (delicious).

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