Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Suria Curry House, Kelana Jaya

Recently had my banana leaf rice cravings satisfied (ya, from time to time, I’d crave for it) at Sri Suria Curry House.


Sri Suria Curry House serves Southern Indian Cuisine with a twist of Malaysian flavour. It is located along the same street with Sri Shakti Eswary Temple in Kelana Jaya (SS3 to be exact). They serve awesome authentic home cooked Indian food. The curry house has been operating since April 2013 and already have their regulars patronizing frequently.

SAMSUNG CSC So, it’s no surprise to find me snooping around and enjoying the rich gravy flooding my rice in front of my face with one hand holding the marumurugal  (I seriously don’t know whether this is the right spelling and pronunciation, but when I Google for it, it’s actually Perugu Mirapakayalu *stabs self*).

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Perugu Mirapakayalu is chili soaked in yogurt and salt mixture and then sun-dried. Then, the chilies will be deep fried and voila you get this non-spicy dried pickled chili which tasted salty and crispy. Very appetizing and goes very well with basically anything.


If you don’t know yet, I’m a big fan of Banana Leaf Rice. If I were to be a vegetarian, I don’t mind having Vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice for life. I love the veggies cooked with spices and my rice flooded with all kinds of gravy, especially fish curry! Ok, not so vegetarian after all). Anyway, NO MEAT is fine, as long as I have those those tasty mixed gravy on my rice. Period.

This is how I like my Banana Leaf Rice to be, rice all soaked with all the mixed gravy they have.


Here, you can find anything you like from an Indian Cuisine. From the most basic item like Roti Canai up to something simple yet exquisite like Biryani Rice (coloured and spiced rice).


Variety of choices to choose from. Plain rice or Biryani rice. Gravy of all sorts – dhal, chicken curry, fish curry, mutton curry, sotong curry, etc.. You name it.

The Vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice is RM6 onwards. If you opt for just the vegetarian banana leaf meal on its own, it’s RM6. Add on RM1 to switch the plain white rice to Indian rice.


Marinated chicken and seafood ready to be cooked and served. Price ranges from RM5 (chicken) and RM7.50 onwards for seafood (price varies based on seasonal price).


Deep fried Chicken Wing @ RM5


Deep Fried Ikan Tenggiri @ Seasonal Price


Mutton Peratal @ RM6.50


Mutton Kurma @ RM6.50


Mutton Varuval @ RM6.50

When it comes to Indian Cuisine, I always enjoy their meaty mutton curry. If you’re in for it, ask for mutton peratal. It’s a type of dry mutton curry, tasty and flavourful! Or if you prefer something less gravy, there’s always mutton varuval.


Chicken Varuval @ RM5.50

And if mutton’s not your thing, try their Chicken Varuval. Also very good and complemented well with their homemade yogurt.


Vegetarian Curry

For vegetarian, there are varieties of vegetarian dishes to choose from. There’s a whole list of it in the menu. Price ranges from RM1.50 to RM6.50.


Homemade chutney & homemade yogurt

Here we had their special homemade chutney only available occasionally. Lucky for us, they have it that day. The homemade yogurt is just so good. I can hear my organs thanking me for taking it.


A banana leaf meal is not complete without Rasam. Rasam is a type of soup made from tamarind juice as a based, seasoned and well spiced. I love this so much and frankly this is the best Rasam I’ve tasted. I had at least 4 to 5 cups of it in one seating!


Chicken Biryani Rice @ RM10

Biryani Rice is priced from RM8 (vegetarian) to RM12 (chicken RM10, lamb RM12).


My banana leaf dining buddies – Ah Bok, Carol & Eric

Limau Ais @ RM1.90, Mango Lassi @ RM6


Special drink (Ribena, Sprite and Longans) @ RM6.50 & Three Layer Iced Tea

How can we miss the Lassi when dining in an Indian restaurant. The Mango Lassi is thick, rich and creamy and and MANGOFULL! We were also treated to their special drinks like Ribena Sprite with Longans and Three Layer Iced Tea. The Ribena special is refreshing and so nice to drink.


Bru Coffee with Cow’s Milk @ 2.60 & Teh Tarik @ RM1.50

When dining here, definitely must have their Bru Coffee with Cow’s Milk! It’s so dem good! I love the milky and fresh smell of cow’s milk. Gives the coffee an extra flavour. The Teh Tarik on the other hand, is very fragrantful. Love it too but still sticking to the coffee ;)

A summary of what we had the other day :)

Sri Suria Curry House

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 7am to 11pm

Sri Suria Curry House No.3A, PJ 21 (Ss3/39) Kelana Jaya, Selangor 47300 Tel: +603 7865 7771 Facebook: Sri Suria Curry House GPS Coordinates: 3.089332,101.614917

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