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B Station is a family operated Korean restaurant which specialises in authentic Korean food. Unlike your typical Korean restaurant which serves BBQ meat in a smokey environment, B Station is the complete opposite and serves nothing BBQ and emphasises on healthy and clean dining experience. This is a restaurant which you will not find soft drinks and Soju (any alcohol for a matter) in the menu. All dishes are MSG free. This is a place where you’re ensured to have healthy and balance diet in a meal. Apart from that, the place itself is just so heart welcoming.. see it for yourself:

Upon entering B Station, it’s like entering in a new world. The ambiance is very homey, clean, sweet, modern and sophisticated on its own. Every details in the outlet is handmade and some of the items were brought over from home. It’s no wonder that you get this homey feel as you walked in.

As I walked further into B Station, my eyes were captivated by all the little details and decor. They put in a lot of effort in every details in here. Note all the decorations and furniture. They are all brought from home and most of the items are DIY, including the wall paintings and even the table top. No kidding.

They not only serve Korean dishes, but also sell bread and muffins which are all homemade. Furthermore, they even have homemade jams, vinegar and enzyme! Made for health purpose. It is said that vinegar plays a big part in health benefits. Will talk more on that later..

There’s also upstairs which could accommodate approximately 40 persons and it can be used for private functions. Both the upper and lower floors were equally and tastefully decorated.

For those who are familiar with B Station, they used to have 4 outlets in Klang Valley. Today, they are one outlet only and it is in Ampang as they decided to focus on one outlet and emphasise on a more home cook and healthy dining experience. The Ampang outlet used to be at Ampang Waterfront and have then relocated to the Little Korean Village. Location map can be found at the end of this post.

 Lemon Enzyme Juice (RM7.80), Mojito (7.80) & Vinegar Juice (RM5.80)

They don’t serve softdrinks as it is highly diabetic. Do you know that there are approximately 10 teaspoons in a can of softdrink?

For drinks, we decided to try out their special homemade juice. Both the enzyme and vinegar are homemade and they are selling at RM50 a bottle. Despite being enzyme and vinegar, the drinks didn’t taste too sour and was actually pretty well balanced as they were made like mocktails.


Many restaurants don’t make their own ice for drinks. B Station filters the water and even invested in an ice making machine. Thus, the very clear ice cubes.


My must have and most favourite food in Korean cuisine is none other than KIMCHI. I am easily satisfied with just plain steamed rice and kimchi alone. So, to buy me a Korean meal is a luxury to me. That’s where I get my unlimited fix of Kimchi! Eat till I’m over satisfied. And the best part about dining in a Korean restaurant is their varieties of banchan (small side dishes) which usually come in at least 3 with a meal, in which one of them have to be kimchi. Also, got to know that every Korean restaurant makes their own kimchi. Authentic flavours.

B Station serves up to 5 side dishes and there were 2 kimchi in it. One is the usual kimchi whilst the other is stewed kimchi which usually made from very matured kimchi.


Every main course (eg. soup) comes with banchan and rice. Also, some set comes with a fish!


Danjang Soup @ RM14.50

The Danjang Soup or better known as Doenjang Jiggae is one of the most eaten soup in Korea. That said, Doenjang is a traditional Korean fermented soybean paste. For those who are familiar with Japanese cuisine, this is something similar to Miso. Usually Doenjang is eaten as dipping condiment and used as flavoured seasonings. It is also used in making broth such as this Danjang Soup. The flavours are brought up at its ultimate level when cooked with seafood.

Truth to be told, whenever I flip a Korean cuisine menu, I usually order the Kimchi Jiggae or Yukgaejang. Who knew that Danjang soup is the authentic traditional Korean soup to begin with, until I was here at B Station.


Grilled fish. Cooked to perfection.

Those who fancy fish like myself would enjoy this from head to tail! I also got to know that Koreans love eating the middle “black” strip of the fish which usually is the fishiest part of a fish!


Pot Bulgogi

As B Station maintains it’s pride for serving non-BBQ dishes, they have their very own version of Bulgogi. Instead of serving grilled marinated beef on a sizzling plate, they serve it in a stone pot which turns out to be bulgogi in soup based.


Pot Bulgogi is a hearty and delicious marinated beef in a hot pot. It’s a wholesome pot of marinated beef slices with glass noodles, onions, chili, leek, spring onions and so much more!

Seafood Pancake @ RM18.50

From the side dishes menu, we had the Seafood Pancake which is something that looks like omelet but the texture is like a pancake. Goes well with the special homemade sauce.

Dukbokki @ RM11.50

Dukbokki is Korean well known street snacks. It’s rice cakes served in Korean chili sauce and among other ingredients such as onions, chili, spring onions and sesame seeds. I am not a fan of Dukbokki as the ones I usually had is hard and chewy. However, B Station changed my perception towards Dukbokki as theirs is freshly made daily and the texture is soft and delicious! Also got to know that the rice cakes are made by the owner’s son whose business is to supply rice cakes and much more.

Teriyaki Chicken HD @ RM12.50

Not only is the rice cakes are homemade, the chicken sausages are homemade too! B Station is known for their Halal Chicken Hotdog. The sausages is made of Halal chicken and because of this, it garnered a lot of fans.

There are a few dishes that uses the hotdog, one of it is this breakfast looking set which comes with boiled potatoes coated with homemade sauce, sunny side up and their homemade sausages.

Hand grinded coffee beans (luwak + columbia)

Apart from authentic Korean food, B Station also specialises in coffee and pastries. I’m amazed at the amount of homemade things they have here. Even the coffee is self blended and roasted! Not only that, we were treated to a cup of Coffee Luwak which is said to be very expensive coffee beans and only found in Indonesia.

Belgium Waffle @ RM8.80

The Belgium Waffle is different from the usual American waffles we normally had. It’s more chewy and the texture is harder. Also, noted a hint of yeast as we chew the waffle. Topped with whipped cream, maple syrup and fruits, this Belgium Waffle goes very well with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Muffin @ RM3.80

B Station makes their own pastries, daily. This apple enzyme muffin is made of their very own homemade apple enzyme. No matter how full we were from all the Korean food we had, we managed to gobble up the muffin. The muffin is moist and tasty.


Joseph and John Lee our hosts for the night

The moment a customer walks into the restaurant, it is as though you’re dining in a friend’s place. The great service and hospitality here is to be admired. Even the regulars are like family here.

Thanks to John and Joseph for the great hospitality and sharing on Korean food, I experienced a very homey and healthy dining experience here. I left the restaurant with a bottle of Apple Enzyme vinegar in one hand, and on the other hand a bag of freshly baked homemade bread and apple jam. I’ll write more about the vinegar and jam in the next post as these homemade items are so good, they’re worth a write up!

If you’re looking for a healthy and quality Korean food or for a cup of coffee complemented with homemade muffins, this is the place for you..

B Station @ Ampang
C14-1 Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1
68000 Ampang Jaya

Facebook: B Station

(in front of One Ampang Avenue South gate, same row as 7-11)

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