B & Best Seafood Noodle @ SS4, Petaling Jaya

I love eating fish and I love having soupy noodles for breakfast. Having both in a bowl is a bonus. That’s when we stumbled upon KY‘s insta post on this B & Best Seafood Noodle in SS4. Hence, we decided to check it out as KY has been talking about it a few times on Instagram.

We Wazed our way there (Waze keyword: B & Best Restaurant) and found the place. The location in Waze is pretty accurate although it directed us to the shop houses opposite the actual one. The signage is not so visible due to the overgrown trees but we were quite sure that’s the shop as it is the only coffee shop which looks so happening with all the ting ting tong tong stalls operating outside.

Each table is equipped with chopsticks, spoons and condiments to go with the noodles. We chose this very classic stone table. Haven’t seen one table like this since my childhood time. Says a lot about the age of the place.

Kopi Peng & Cham Peng

Love both iced coffee as they were really really kaw (strong) and not over powered by condensed milk. *thumbs up* Just looking at the colour you will agree with me, no?

While waiting for our noodles, we shared a fish cake. I’m not a fish cake person but this is pretty good. The chili sauce makes it very delicious 😛

Seeing KY always order the clear soup seafood noodle, we ordered one and another with tom yum base to try.

For a fish person like me, I opted for fresh fish noodle and chose red snapper. Whilst we enjoy the freshness of the fish, I find the clear soup pretty bland but pleasant. The additional pork lard did wonders to it. Brings out the flavours of the pork lard into the soup and made even more appetizing.

B & Best (10)Pork lard makes anything plain and boring wonderful :3

Not forgetting the hot and spicy sambal belacan which made the seafood noodle more exciting!

The Tom Yum based seafood noodle tasted more towards the acidic side than spicy. Comparing this with Yu Ai, my money goes to Yu Ai for the variation of seafood and richness of tom yum in a bowl.

So good till so touched? Heh.

Someone got a drop of tom yum into his eye while slurping the noodles. Laugh with me, will you? Neyknyeknyek…

The bill came up to RM45 for both of us. That’s pretty pricey for breakfast. Nonetheless, a treat to it’s really really fresh fish and pork lard should be fine. 😀

B & Best Restaurant
No.12, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +6012 295 8948

Waze keyword: B & Best Restaurant

GPS Coordinates: N3 06 38 E101 36 11

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