Authentic Kolo Mee @ Oriental Park beside Old Cathay Cinema Kuching

Was back in Kuching over the Raya weekend and met up with Jian and KY for breakfast on Saturday. Jian suggested Oriental Kolo Mee and since I’ve never been there, never heard of it to be frank, I was adamant to give it a try. This Oriental Park Kolo Mee is one hidden gem. Located right in one of the oldest places in Kuching and well hidden, it’s no wonder that not many people know about it!

When asked for the exact location, Jian said that it is located just beside the old Cathay Cinema. Guess what? Since it’s old, I asked my mother for the location. Best of all, she didn’t even know where it is either. *chuckles* She said she only know the old cinema known as REX. *facepalm* #failedkuchinglang Heh..

On the morning itself, still unsure of the location and asking Jian numerous questions and etc, he decided to pick me on his way.  I guess he gave up explaning. Hahaha.. Thanks for the ride, Jian!

KY on the other hand, arrived Sekama and nagged me for the location. Jian was giving KY directions while we were on our way. When we got nearer to the location, drove passed Open Air Food Centre and into a small alley, I felt like I was in a different place. NEVER KNEW SUCH A PLACE EXISTED!!!

Oriental Park used to be a traditional coffeeshop until it caught fire and they had to refurbish the shop. Now, it’s looking brand new and continuing to operate their Kolo Mee business. I’m glad they didn’t give up when the place was burnt. It would have been a nicer feeling to eat here with the old furnitures and antique smell. Imagining self in olden days and trying to picture the shop with all the antiques.


Oriental Park only sells one thing and that is Kolo Mee. You have a choice of the usual dry kolo mee, add on with “ang” (ang as in red in Hokkien. It’s char siew oil), soup, with black vinegar and your very own customized version (i.e. extra char siew, extra mee, extra whatever).


Oriental Park serves one of the most authentic Kolo Mee I’ve ever tasted. And what makes it so special is the fragrantful charcoal BBQ Char Siew (roasted pork)! So, let your nose sniff its way here.

It’s not very packed at the time we went (approximately 8.45am on a Saturday, plus a Raya Saturday). I guess most people sleep in or they went out visiting and stuff themselves with rendang and lemang.

Good Morning, Babeh!!

Delicious authentic Kolo Mee served with Char Siew (BBQ pork), minced meat, spring onions and pickled cili padi. It’s fragrant and I’m quite disappointed that there are a few slices of Char Siew only 🙁 Should have ordered extra. Not a big fan of Kolo Mee (because I’m team Laksa, Jian is team Kolo Mee so must try his selections of Kolo Mee), but this is pretty good.

I remember ordering “ang” kolo mee but was served with this white looking Kolo Mee. Jian later explained that their “ang” is not red in colour one. FUUUU! NO COLORINGS! I LIKE!!

Unlike your usual red Kolo Mee, you can taste the ang but you can’t see it. Such mystery! So, I was saying, you eat with your mouth not with your eyes lah.

Your eyes are for looking for things like this:

Trololololololol.. While eating, KY spotted this “SANNEENA” tailor shop. Sounds like a swear word in one the dialects. XD Not saying what it means here. Go figure it out yourself naaaa..

Back to our Kolo Mee. All thanks to Jian, I now have another MUST EAT place when I return hometown. Heee.. Oh, if you’re wondering what it’s like to dine in Oriental Park, here’s a short video clip which I took and posted on Instagram:

You won’t be able to find the location via Google Map if you search for Oriental Park, unless you search for Petra Jaya Transport. If you’re using GPS, here’s the coordinates: 1.558922, 110.341809 and it will direct you to the exact location 😉 You’re welcome.

This is the best way to illustrate the direction to Oriental Park. I’m GeoBlind and it is impossible to give a left right directions to get there. LOL

Oriental Park
(beside the old Cathay Cinema)
Jalan Market
Kuching, Sarawak

GPS Coordinates: 1.558922, 110.341809

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