AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party @ AirAsia Academy, Sepang

Many thanks to AirAsia for the exclusive invitation to the very first AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party! I was “onboard” at AirAsia Academy Sepang on June 8th, 2013 along with Bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Didn’t know that AirAsia was flying in bloggers from other countries in ASEAN until I “boarded”.

Group picha with ASEAN Bloggers and AirAsia Crews at AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party!

It was a memorable, fun-filled and knowledgeable experience in the academy. In fact, it was one of the best party ever! Not only do I get to meet blogger friends, meeting new blogger friends from across the ocean and get to explore AirAsia Academy in a different perspective, everyone went home with goodies, PRIZES (trip via AirAsia or AirAsia X) and a SMARTPHONE!! Yes, you must be jealous now and I’m going to showoff more throughout this whole post. So, buckle up!

Instead of the boring “lawatan sambil belajar” (field trip) themed tour, we were set on an adventure to go around the academy and completing 5 AABC challenges!

with Louise

Went to AirAsia Academy with Louise. Dem POWER (Louise TM) that we didn’t rely on Waze throughout the whole trip, and only for a short distance just to find the right highway to turn into. It was pretty easy to locate the academy as it was just a roundabout away from LCCT Sepang. :)

We were each given our boarding pass as we enter the academy. Note the VIP class :3

Upon registration, we were each given our AirAsia Survivor Backpack and badge according to our designated teams. I was in the Red Team. So AirAsia, ok! (Red – Red)

Chilling out at the common area while waiting to “board”. There were even light food and drinks prepared for the hungries.

This place is so nice one! I also want to be part of AirAsia team too!

with Louise, Rose, Jian & Jason

Look who flew in from Kuching for the AABC Party! Thanks to AirAsia, I get to meet my beloved Rose <3

I’m glad both Jian and Rose could make it to the party as I have not seen them for a long time already!! (although just few months ago. LOL) Thanks to AirAsia for flying them in all the way from over-the-sea, Kuching.

AirAsia’s miniature planes, a collector items

A party is not complete without an overdose of takepicha moments……and also self vain pichas.

with Daphne – Thanks for everything, Nanny!!! XOXO

TAKEPICHA with the #overnice gang! Missing Chee Ching, Jess, Kenny and Yoga in this picha :'(

TAKEPICHA!! with Shannon, Yvonne, Louise, Eve, Jason and Aarti

Group picha of Malaysian Bloggers

The party is not only exclusively for Malaysian bloggers, but also for the whole ASEAN. AirAsia flew in a few bloggers from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and also Philippines. It was an ASEANatic Party!

AirAsia Survivor Backpack

Why I call this AirAsia Survivor Backpack is because each and every blogger participating the challenge has one. And it seems like a bag filled with all the survivor kits to go through the challenge. LOL

In the AirAsia Survivor Backpack and I FOUND THIS……

Portable mini fan! Super useful for this crazy hot weather!

Not only that, inside the bag, there’s this…….


A mock Life Vest. I’m the only person who actually unpack the Life Vest and wore it around the waiting room. And taking numerous pichas with it. KKEKEKEKE

So, what do you think? Chio boh?

*blows whistle* Hey, you! Don’t take my picha!!!!

Just kidding :D lalalalala~~

Takepicha wearing the life vest at with the backdrop of the cabin is the most appropriate one.

The above picha looked like one of the Air Stewardess patting my head *manja*

Grabbed myself a bottle of water (supremely rare event to see me drink PLAIN water). Gotta stay hydrated onboard ya’know!

PIFF.. Must be taken a psychotic stupid face of me, otherwise why smile so cheekily, huh?

The event kickstart with an opening speech by Captain Fareh (Head of AirAsia Academy), Mr. Aziz Laikar (Head of Communications) and special video message by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Too bad didn’t get to meet the man himself in person, but it was thoughtful of him to record a video message for us :3

After all the speeches and briefings, our adventure began…

Bye bye.. I’m going on board now.

Meet Team Red!

Each team has a facilitator, one of AirAsia crew. We were lucky to have Aarti to facilitate us :3 She handed us an envelope and briefed us the challenges. The envelope contains riddle which we have to solve by the end of the challenge. HUUUUUUUUUU!

3 riddles to be answered!

Our first stop was at Siem Reap. Meet Priya who will be handing us the challenge and rewarding us with stamps on our passport.

We were to choose 5 out of the 20 colorful envelopes. Inside each envelopes contain a question which we must answer without the aid of GOOGLE. So suffering my brain cells all retired already.

Thankfully, with our knowledgable group members, we managed to score all 5 questions!! *shin chan stance* Before chopping stamps on our passport, we were to please Priya first by doing the Gangnam Style dance. Hahaha.. We were pretty good at it.

Heading towards our next stop, the second challenge was to assemble THREE Puzzle AirAsia Planes in 10 minutes! *faint*

We managed to fix 2 planes and again we had to do the Gangnam Style dance for the stamps. We’re really getting good at the dance moves. 

On our third stop, we got into the mock cabin of a plane. It was the safety demo challenge where we were to follow the cabin crews’ move on the safety procedures demo and do it in a creative and entertaining way.

We did pretty well, I think. I’m sure the judges enjoyed it as they were laughing so hard. =)

Give us more stamps! We’d do anything!! But they were strict. Heh..

Spotted this at our fourth stop and also this is the answer to one of the riddles. No picha taken at the fourth stop as we were rushing for time and also we had to pay attention  really close to the Ramp Marshall challenge. We had to watch, observe and remember the hand movements and repeat the movements over and over again until we get minimum 3 mistakes! Hahaha.. So much fun! Never knew there were so many restrictions and rules on ground! Also, we learnt a few hand signals which were pretty salah in universal context but really powerful in aviation. Learnt a lot from this challenge.

Guess what these are.

Our final stop and also the one stop we all couldn’t believe that we had the opportunity to be at is the Flight Simulator!! There are 6 flight simulators in AirAsia and this is where pilots are trained and practiced to fly an aeroplane before they get to fly a real one.

This is exactly what the plane cockpit looks like. Everything looks so real inside! Including the view outside the “window“. So 3D weiihhh.. So many buttons o.O!!!

Before entering the flight simulator, we were given a piece of paper filled with aviation commands on taking off and landing a plane. For this challenge, we were hosted by Capt. Dato Mohamed Razali who led us to take off and landing the plane. Everything felt so real!


We are landing! Tower ah tower.. Please make clearance for VIP to land. Thank you~

We’re landing and no, we don’t get to feel the landing as this flight simulator does the auto landing. Heh..

For take off, I had the chance to sit in THE CHAIR and got to experience how to take off a plane and adjusting the latitude thingy. So awwweeeechuuummmmmm!

Captain assisting me on the take off. Just need to maintain a certain degree of 15 until can press auto pilot. Heeee… I just flew a plane :3

Looks easy but actually very very technical and mechanical. Just look at all the buttons they have in there!

After the challenges, we head back from where we started and a group picha for completing the challenges together is a must!

Food was served and we snacked along while waiting for the results. When they announced for the winners for the AABC challenge, I joked that we were the winners and true enough, we won.

We are the Red Champions!

With my Awesome Red Team! Together we flew to 5 destinations, strive the challenges and scored the most stamps on our passport. :D We won ourselves to a free flight to any destination via AirAsia!!

So awesome! Thank you, AirAsia!

Before we head out for the challenges, we were briefed about the coloured AABC papers that can be found anywhere in the academy. Once spotted must take it down and guard it with life because each paper stores a special secret prizes.. Among them were QPR jerseys, night stays at Tune Hotels, flights from AirAsia and AirAsia X. So, basically everyone’s a winner that day :D

SO LUCKY!! Mae (from Philippines) got herself the QPR jersey with all the autographs by the team!! *pulls hair*

I got one of the coloured paper as well and claimed one of the QPR jerseys and since the size is too big for me, someone earned it even though he wasn’t there. XD

We can haz new phone :3

Never ending surprises. We were informed to claim our new set of Ninetology smartphone before leaving. What the….. At first, I thought they said that there will be a lucky draw for the smartphone, until Louise mentioned that they are giving us all a smartphone. Thanks to Ninetology for the smartphone!

AABC Experience – One word – AWESOMELYOVERNICE!

A must do before leaving, is to sign off our AABC experience. I left my blog link there as I would be writing about it here, now. :3

Here’s dear dear Jian drawing an #overnice Tiger for me :3 So must manja at him a bit XD

Sooooooo Cute!!

And I was so proud to have Jian’s #Overnice Tiger on my name….until someone overpass it by…. 

This chabo so power one! 

…drawing a huge AirAsia plane on the top of everyone. Hahahaha.. Power!

Time flies when you’re having so much fun! It’s sad having to bid goodbye to those who had to catch their flights back and at the same time happy to have met. It truly was a Saturday well spent at AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party.

Thank you AirAsia and Crews for everything. It was by far one of the best party ever attended and one money can’t buy experience. It was an eyeopening event as we get to tour around the academy, in a challenging way.

Great to meet bloggers from all over ASEAN. Hope to see you all again!

Ok, I’ve packed my luggage. Let’s go!

:arrow:  Like my Facebook Page *click* for more pictures. Pictures are taken with Samsung Smart Camera NX1000 and pichas without watermark are taken from AirAsia’s Facebook.

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