AGAPE Love Your Food @ Setia Walk, Puchong

I have been to Setia Walk in Puchong pretty often, almost once a month, and I’d say that’s pretty often knowing the fact that I stay pretty far from Puchong. Most of the time, we would avoid going to Puchong during weekdays because of the crazy traffic jam. So, we always opt to come by the weekends where the traffic is more favourable :)

Thanks to Pin Pin for asking us to join her and her friends for lunch at Agape “Love Your Food“. We wouldn’t have known such a place existed as the restaurant is located at the first floor and really, Setia Walk itself is pretty large and it doesn’t help that the shop lots on the first floor are mostly vacant. When walking on Ground Level, we actually rarely look up. Good thing Pin Pin spotted this place when she was dining in the area some time ago.

Since the place is new, Agape is running a promotion of 30% discount for all food (drinks not included in the promotion). So, we had a porkie menu attack on that day.

For starters, we shared Pinchos Morunos, Brochettes, and Bratwurst Spice. They were all awesome and reasonably priced, what more to say with the addition of the discounts *must eat more*.

Pinchos Morunos @ 16.80

The Pinchos Morunos consist of Spanish style pork kebab served with roasted bell pepper and onions. I like how well marinated the pork is and they were each tender and juicy. Even the roased pepper and onions are yummy!

Brochettes @ 18.50

The Brochettes is my utmost favourite dish in Agape! Unlike the usual Bacon Blanket where the bacon is wrapped around the sausages, bacon here is not only crispy and chewy, it is wrapped around fresh and juicy prawns, and served with tequila lime sauce. *bliss* The dressing is pretty unique and we love it for its content of tequila, but there were no taste of tequila :( Maybe a few more dashes of tequila would have perfected the dressings even more :D

 Bratwurst Spice @ RM12.50

Another favourite among the group was the Bratwurst Spice which consists of stir-fried German sausages with onions and chili. Goes very well with ice cold beer!

Agape House Specialty Sandwiches – Cubano @ RM15.50

For mains, Pin Pin opt for Cubano. Since the first time she had it, she always been wanting to just have this when in Agape. Wondering what’s so great about this sandwich Pin Pin been raving about, when the Cubano was served on the table, I took a few pictures of it before having a taste of it. Boy, I’m going to crave for it now.

The pressed on foccacio consists of honey baked ham, braised pork, jack cheese, dill pickle with cilantro aioli and dijon mustard pressed, served with pan fried potato. Uber Yums!!

Grilled Spice Rubbed Pork Belly Rashers @ RM29.80

Mouth-watering Grilled Spice Rubbed Pork Belly Rashers comes with braised leek, bean stew and baked sweet potato.

Brined Pork Chop @ RM29.50

The Brined Pork Chop is served with apple hash and bacon wrapped asparagus. I love everything the pork chop is served with. The apple hash is so dem yummy!!

Beer Basted BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM29.80

The Beer Basted BBQ Pork Ribs is served with pan fried potao, black bean sweet corn salad and braised red cabbage. I find this a little too sweet for my liking and it is suitable for sharing, so everyone can have a taste of it. Unless you’re really famished, you can just have it for yourself.

Braised Pork Boston Butt with Apple Cider & Ginger Beer @ RM28.50

This huge slab of Pork Boston Butt is another of my favourite here! Served with mashed potato, saute spinach and caramelized onions. Pork Boston Butt is one of the best cut of a pig which comes from the upper part of the shoulder.

Just staring at the juicy tender pork and fatty jellyish layer of fat is good enough to make my day. Now give me my beer to nom this baby with!

Apart from the ala carte menu, Agape also runs a promotional lunch set menu from RM9 onwards. I’m not sure how long the promotions (30% discount & lunch set) will be ongoing, but I sure hope my next visit here, we can still enjoy the unbeatably awesome discounts. Heee

AGAPE Love Your Food
Block I – 5, First Floor,
Setia Walk Mall Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,

Tel: +603 5882 0139

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